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The beautiful Inventor Lori Greiner net worth is $50 million. Check out her wiki, husband name, house she bought to earning details in 2017.. Lori Greiner is the famous American TV celebrity of multiple talents. Not only is she a sharp entrepreneur and businesswoman but she is also an intelligent investor. She is also known to author a book. Thus it’s no wonder that her net worth is currently estimated to be about $50 million.

Lori Greiner Net Worth

Name Lori Greiner
Net Worth $50 Million
Source of Income Inventor
Annual Salary $4 Million
Monthly Income $330,000
Weekly Income $82,500
Birth Date December 9, 1969
Ethnicity white
Height 1.63 m
Weight 50 kg
Husband Dan Greiner
Ex-Boyfriend N/A

Born in Chicago on December 9, 1969, this woman of white ethnicity completed her college degree not only in Communication and journalism but also in television and film. Simultaneously she pursued a job in Chicago Tribune and started writing plays. Not only that she also started designing small jewelry pieces and selling them off.

Julie Bowen House

Taking money on loan, she invented an earrings organizer box which could hold over 100 earrings. Using her business skills, she convinced J.C. Penney to keep it in their store just prior to the holiday season. It clicked and after being patented, it sent her on the path of richness. She went on to become one of the most distinctive business-woman of USA. Being successful and beautiful and with her educational background, television was a smooth and natural step for her. She appeared as a host in her own television show which is aired on QVC-‘Clever and Distinctive Creations’ Even after 16 years, the show is still going strong and popular. Owning to this, she is called the ‘Queen of QVC’.  Appearing in shows like ‘Shark Tank’ and investing in products like ‘scrub daddy’, she became a living inspiration of how an unbeatable combination of brain and beauty can transform in a rain of wealth. Designing and selling jewelry continued as her passion and a real money churner.

Lori Greiner with her husband Dan Greiner

If this was not enough, she wrote a book as well titled, ‘Invent it, Sell it, Bank it! – Make Your Million Dollar Idea into a Reality’ which reached the third spot on the Wall Street Journal’s Best Seller List. She often posts hot pictures of her in bikini on her Instagram account. However, on other hand she likes to keep her personal life private. Happily married to Dan Greiner, she is enjoying best of both worlds at the moment.

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