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Mountain Men cast Marty Meierotto net worth has been revealed which is about $250 thousand. Check out his wiki, real age, wife, children, family and facts. The ‘Mountain Man’, the man is known for her life risking job away from the natural habitat.  He mainly got known to everyone after participating in the TV show “Mountain Men.” The show was basically about the men who trudge harsh conditions and extremely low temperature for hunting. He was aired since the episode of Pilot.

Full NameMarty Meierotto
Birth PlaceWisconsin, USA
Net Worth$250 Thousand
Source of IncomeReality TV Star
Annual Salary$60,000
ChildrenNoah (daughter)

His father took him out for fur trapping when he was only eight, and since then he knew that he was supposed to fur trap for the rest of his life. Later when he was only 25, he decided to leave his home and live the rest of his life in extreme conditions with his wife and his daughter. He soon became one of the top trappers in the territory though he had to go through all the extremities for living his life. All his hard work, all his extreme and adverse lifestyle paid off as he is worth as much as $250,000 in today’s market. And soon his worth and wealth would increase if he continues the work along with writing several articles. Living away from his family is never an easy job and surviving in extremities with the help of only ice shoes and a tent and setting up the trap and reaching the trap line almost 200 miles away is surely a life risking job.

He has been widely written about and talked about very recently. He has been recently featured and mentioned in “The Trapper and Predator Caller.” One of the people who wanted to research on him went there and tried to stay with him, but got lost in the acres of snow. I was Marty who saved him after three hours. He is also a part of the Alaska Trapper Association and is one of the hardiest members of the group. Marty is happily married and his wife name is Dominique. He has been reported to return home more frequently to take care of his daughter Noah. He would keep up his work as a trapper serving in the extreme temperatures. He is originally from Canada but presently lives in Alaska to live his dream.

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