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Marty Raney Net Worth – Biography, Family in 2018

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Born in Alaska today Marty Raney net worth is huge as estimated in 2018. Check out his biography, family, salary, wife name and assets information. Marty Raney is the brave star from the Discovery show, Homestead Rescue. He is passionate about more too. Mountain climbing and music, these two are the interests of his life.  He can write a song for himself and sing the songs too. Marty  has built a different kind of guitar to mix up Alaska and music. This guitar looks like Alaska. Marty is a stone mason and the TRP enhancing factor of the Discovery show. Hunting, log building and fishing are also the qualities and interests, which one can find in him.

NameMarty Raney
Birth Date1957
Net Worth$1 Million
Source of IncomeMusician
Yearly Salary$200 Thousand
Height5.11 feet
WifeMollee Roestel

Marty is very fond of music so he carries his unique guitar and made his own song at the top of Denali. It is really a brilliant attempt by the musician. His awesome creation of music from the highest point of North America, spreads over the media. These are popular in films, televisions and radio. This is original Alaskan Music, which created and performed by Marty in his show too.  Spirit of Alaska, Surviving Denali, Han Denali these is popular films where he appeared as a climbing guide and the sound man of the film. He also appeared as a cameraman in a film.

Today, the net worth of Marty Raney  is estimated to be $1 million in 2018. He joined the tough life, long years back on 1974. He has started the adventure from Southeast Alaska and he logged the camp for staying. That was a place of Prince of Wales Island. But he never settled down at that place, he moved to Haines. This is an extremely remote place, which is surrounded by the brown bears of Alaska. He moved there after his marriage with Mollee Roestel. They have chosen a tough homesteader’s life there without any facilities of the cities like the running water, electricity, cooking easiness. They also the climate issues and the plumbing issues there, but they never left the place.

Even the children of them grew up there and joined the family business. Stone and logs are the life of this Alaskan family, they follow the ancient craftsmanship to live a rough life there. There are there in an artisan lifestyle. Raney is an expert to make the beautiful homes or the hunting cabins for him and his family. He used the simplest tools to make it and to continue the craftsmanship legacy of their own place.

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