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Matt Graham – Net Worth, Biography in 2017

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Dual Survival star Matt Graham has a net worth of $2 million. Born in 1974, is settled down in Southern Utah, earn about $200 thousand annually as per Biography. Matt Graham Shane Man of Stone Age and the specialist of survival. He appears on the Discovery Show, Dual Survival. He is the co-host of the show.  He is a real experienced person for the purpose. He is in this business from last few decades. This experienced person specializes in primitive skills. To choose the tough life for the living was very sudden for him, he was out for a walk and spends more than six months there without much preparation.

Net Worth – $2 Million

Name: Matt Graham

Annual Salary: $2000,000

DOB: 1974

Height: 5.9 feet

Wife: Under Review

Profession: TV Personality

Nationality: American

Ethnicity: White

Matt, later settled down in a remote area of Southern Utah and he spends his regular days at that primitive structures of the area. He loves to stay with risk and adventure, so he switched for the rock climbing at his fifteen. Even he was passionate to be a triathlete. But he changed the track with the offer from discovery. It was a revolutionary decision of his career to get fame and fortune both. There are two documentaries to find him more one is the Living Wild and another one is the Dude,You’re Screwed.

He used his skills for various purposes, even he spread his talent among other as the primitive survival skill teacher of the Boulder Outdoor Survival School. He trained and guide the students, who want to become a part of the wilderness, IIama Packing trips. But never left his athletics skills, so he competes on several programs as an endurance athlete.

Also check co-stars of Dual Survival like Cody Lundin who also appeared on Discovery Channel.

Matt has more professional commitments actually, he is also a part of the Ansari Outdoor Program, which is a therapy projects for the newcomers. He is the outdoor instructor of the projects. For the Canadian Cadets and the Young Marines of his society, he frequently organizes many upscale training courses, which are so much effective for the young cadets.

Matt has uncountable talents, he is a world-class and high-quality master of the Atlatl, which is a quite different and rare kind of spear, a different kind of weapon to survive and he is also skilled with the longbow. Judo, Do, Tae Kwon, Wushu Kung fu, Jeet Kune Do, he has the complete knowledge about all these fighting skills.

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