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Michael Santana Net Worth – Wiki, Age, Family

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Young tall youtuber Michael Santana net worth is nearly $1 million. Check out his wiki, height, age, parents, girlfriend and family. He is also a gamer,  famous person, swimming in a sea of money for his intense gaming skills. Unbelievably true, but Santana is considered one of the best pro online gaming player who started his career from scratch and unknowingly started earning millions of dollars due to his huge fan following. He now earns $2 million every year from the comfort of his room!

Full NameMichael Santana
Birth DateFebruary 21, 1992
Height6.0 feet/1.82 m
ParentsJose Santana and Maria Santana
Net Worth$1 Million
Source of IncomeGamer
Annual Salary$400,000
Sibling N/A
Children N/A

Santana was born on 21 February, 1992 in United States. From childhood he grew up in an average household where luxury and extra money came with a lot of explanation and thought. Santana spent most of his time watching the Food Network or playing with the game station. He started casually playing League of Legends and at one point of time realized that he is getting better with every passing day. His friends observing his skills encouraged Santana to play professionally and soon he entered the competition zone in 2011 with his gaming group Oh God Bears. He relocated to Southern California, the hub of Riot Games and League of Legends North America. Later Santana started playing as a pro for Dignitas professional team. He retired from gaming in 2014.

Throughout his short career as an internet Santana has maintained his signature style of gym shorts and white tee. His casual look and long shiny hair has made his fans get hooked to his style. His funny disposition and punch lines with his game strategies has made his unique and famous. Santana is known by his gaming name Imaqtpie and has an account in the game streaming service portal Twitch with over 1.4 million followers and more than 100 million views. The 25 year old currently lives in a beautiful modern house in Silver Spring, Maryland with his beautiful fiancé Lisha Wei and their pet cats and dogs by the name Smallcat, Mellowcat and Dapperdog. He reflects on his past to be casual and unplanned and loves the way fate and his skills have taken shape. His addiction became his profession and made him a millionaire in no time. Santana has no plans to go back to pro gaming. He spends good time with his partner, pets and loves to try his hands on cooking. His casual, cool and relaxed attitude has contributed to excellent strategies in the game play and has got him to such a height!

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