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Mike Kennedy Net Worth – Bio, Height, Age, Family

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Mike Kennedy is a Charter pilot whose net worth is about $2 million. Find out his biography from height, age, family detail – he got fame from Discover channel.  He is a famous Canadian American reality television personality often known for his daring spirit. He is most known for him being a casted member on the famous TV show Discovery Channel’s Airplane Repo. In this television series Mike Kennedy served as an airplane repossession agent which really made him famous in his career. Mike Kennedy is also known as the “lone wolf”. He is also a skydiver and a motorcycle stunt rider. It has been said by Kennedy that since the show on the Discovery Channel has been debuted, his business has increased twice. Mike Kennedy has also rescued a number of alligators for Florida from which he himself has taken several in.

Full NameMichael Volker Mike Kogel
Birth DateApril 25, 1944
ParentsUnder Review
Net Worth$2 Million
Source of IncomeCharter Pilot & TV Star
Annual Salary$200,000
ChildrenMichael Jr
WifeValerie Kennedy

Mike Kennedy was born in the year 1950 in the month of February. Mike Kennedy was born in Canada. His parents were Ethel Kennedy and Robert F. Kennedy. Kennedy had seven siblings. Mike Kennedy was a charter pilot. He also acted as weapons dealer. Kennedy had done repossession work for more than 20 long years. He has his office in Orlando.

The 56 year old Mike Kennedy always had a bent for speed and danger. Today Mike Kennedy has a net worth of $2 million. The daredevil often finds himself in backwaters and hotel rooms all over the world with deadly altercations always outside his door. Mike Kennedy most of the time works solo and sometimes with a small crew. He is proficient with fuel stops, flight permits, imports, exports and customs issues. Mike always has just one thing in his mind,” There’s just not enough time”, which makes his muscle memory to fire up and jumps into work. Be it recovering Learjet of drug lord or delivering weapons to the good guys or be it to find a peaceful and happy home for a leopard, Mike Kennedy is always ready for his call.

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