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Misty Raney apperaed in Homestead Rescue, find out her biography from height, age, net worth, family and facts. Her wiki tells about her husband and siblings. Anyone who is well acquainted with Discovery Channel has at one point seen Misty Raney. Misty is one of the stars of The Discovery Channel’s reality show Homestead Rescue. The show gained popularity for its unique portrayal of a family who likes to lead a simpler, off-the-grid life, surviving on instincts and the gift of nature. The family is headed by the patriarch Marty Raney, who is a hunter and survival expert. Misty is his daughter.

Full NameMisty Raney
Birth DateUnder Review
Net Worth$200 Thousand
Source of IncomeFarming
Annual SalaryUnder Review
SiblingMatt Raney

Misty is the youngest daughter of Marty. She has an older brother named Matt Raney. Misty is a farmer. Since she has grown up in Alaska, Misty has shown a tremendous amount of potential to survive in extreme conditions. She possesses the power to preserve almost anything so that the foods can last a long time. She has shown this talent of hers repeatedly in the show. She has turned vegetables and meats into survival foods that last for a year. She also has been able to make greenhouses and smokers to grow and process foods in the freezing forests of Alaska. When someone is in the sub-zero temperatures of Alaskan wilderness, fertilizers to grow food is not at all easy to find. This led to Misty’s fanatic approach towards composting. She is an ardent composter and makes everyone to take steps in composting as she believes, and rightly so, these will help grow foods for them.

Misty is married to Maciah, who is a carpenter and a professional surfer. Misty and Maciah have a 5-year old son. The couple divides the year between Hawaii and Alaska. They spend their summer in Alaska and the winter in Hawaii. Every summer she specially visits her family to hunt and to accompany her brother in his yearly fishing trips. Misty and her husband Maciah have built a beautiful cabin which is spread in  800 sq ft on their own land located in Hatcher Pass, Alaska.

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