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Moonshiners Cast Net Worth (TV Series)

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Wanted to know your favorite Moonshiners cast net worth detail? Find out how much they earn per episode, current salary and brief detail about them. It is an American TV serial which follows the lives of people who inhabit the Appalachian mountains in Kentucky, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee and Virginia and produce moonshine.

  • Jeremy Schwartz

Jeremy Schwartz is the narrator of Moonshiners. Born on 4 December, 1971 in New Brunswick, New Jersey, Jeremy Schwartz grew up in Plano, Texas. Image Source –

Josh Owens is a popular character on Moonshiners. His net worth is pegged around $400 thousand. Josh Owens is a professional Superbike racer and motocross. He won the Motocross Champion titles for the years 2003 and 2004.

  • Tim Smith

Tim Smith is one of the longest surviving cast members of Moonshiners. Tim is married to Shelby Smith since 1986 and they have a son named JT. Apart from appearing on Moonshiners, Tim Smith often makes appearances for book signings and meets and greets his fans.

  • Mark Rogers

Mark Rogers is an American hunter, fisherman and woodsman. In Moonshiners, Mark Rogers traverses the Appalachians to track a bear and to look for a rare medicinal root called dig ginseng, which he wants to infuse with moonshine.

  • Jeff Waldroup

Jeff Waldroup plays himself on Moonshiners

  • Bill Canny

Apart from playing himself on Moonshiners, Bill Canny is a talented musician and a carpenter as well. Bill Canny is half Irish and he plays with a band called, ‘ The Wes, Bob and Bill Show’.

  • Steve Tickle

Steven Ray Tickle, also referred to as just ‘Tickle’ lives in rural Pittsylvania County, Virginia. Steven Tickle reportedly worked on the popular Clyde’s Restaurant in Washington as a union carpenter. In 2013, Steven Tickle was reported to be running as an independent candidate against U.S Representative Robert Hurt in Virginia’s 5th Congressional district.

  • Mark Ramsey

Mark Ramsey was once the still builder for the immensely popular moonshine Popcorn Sutton. While growing up, Mark Ramsey had the chance to explore the woods of East Tennessee.

  • Jim Tom Hedrick

Jim Tom Hedrick is one of the most skilled moonshiner names in Appalachia and his original hand-crafted spirits were in high demand throughout the South. Jim Hedrick became a local celebrity after appearing in several interviews, two movies and in Matt Stillwell’s music video Shine in 2009. Jim Tom Hedrick is the face of legal shine sold by Sugarlands Distilling. Jim Tom Hedrick holds the record for North Carolina State Record for DUI’s with 22 in 2015.

  • Eric ‘Digger’ Manes

Eric ‘Digger’ Manes is another legendary moonshiner, who in collaboration with Mark Ramsay worked on the Popcorn Sutton and together they are credited with revolutionizing the craft of moonshining and introducing new tastes while keeping traditional techniques intact.

  • Lance Waldroup

Lance Waldroup plays himself on the Moonshiners.

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