Most Famous People Born in 1990 – Top Celebrities

Wanted to know the most famous people who was born in 1990 year? These celebrities are Zoe Sugg, Emma Watson, Ryan Higa, Klay Thompson and many more who are rapper to athlete. Check their nationality and birth day.  The 90s surely brought with it a whole lot of talented men and women who shot to fame through their incredible talent in various entertainment fields. They became celebrities at a young age and still continue to bask in their talent’s glory. These 27 year olds are way beyond the era and have proved their worth through their awards and achievements.

Celebrities born in this year are seen to be energetic, lively and vivacious. Their dynamic lifestyle is one factor which their fans yearn for and appreciate in them. They are more of social and often communicate with their fans through the social networking platforms. Their social side is clearly seen through their partying styles and public appearances where they become the center of attraction quite naturally. They surely love to act like the center piece and keep the audience hooked!

No matter how much active, social and straightforward these celebrities are, they are deep down seen to be sentimental and rational with quick wit and amicable disposition.  Irritability comes in spurts but that can be majorly neglected for all the good they possess. Their charm and kindness overrules everything and makes them such successful and popular people on Earth!

List of Famous Celebrities Born in 1990

Photo Name Birth Date Nationality
Zoe Sugg Zoe Sugg March 28 British
Jacksepticeye Jacksepticeye February 7 Irish
Emma Watson Emma Watson April 15 British
Alex Burriss Alex Burriss March 28 American
Jennifer Lawrence Jennifer Lawrence August 15 American
Ryan Higa Ryan Higa June 6 American
The Weeknd The Weeknd February 16 American
Yousef Erakat Yousef Erakat January 22 American
Iggy Azalea Iggy Azalea June 7 Australian
Joseph Garrett Joseph Garrett December 13 British
Andy Biersack Andy Biersack December 13 American
Grant Gustin Grant Gustin January 14 American
Kristen Stewart Kristen Stewart April 9 American
Liam Hemsworth Liam Hemsworth January 13 Australian
Thomas Brodie-Sangster Thomas Brodie-Sangster May 16 British
Rita Ora Rita Ora November 26 Kosovar
Bryan Lanning Bryan Lanning January 20 American
GamingWithJen October 28 American
Margot Robbie Margot Robbie July 2 Australian
Logic Logic January 22 American
Machine Gun Kelly Machine Gun Kelly April 22 American
JoJo JoJo December 20 American
James Maslow James Maslow July 16 American
Sarah Hyland Sarah Hyland November 24 American
Kendall Schmidt Kendall Schmidt November 2 American
Klay Thompson Klay Thompson February 8 American
Kacy Catanzaro January 14 American
Cash Nasty December 4 American
Bryan Stars Bryan Stars May 22 Japanese
Charlotte-Letitia Crosby Charlotte-Letitia Crosby May 17 English
Soulja Boy Soulja Boy July 28 American
Lily Marston March 28 American
Sierra Dallas Sierra Dallas May 12 American
Jaclyn Hill Jaclyn Hill July 20 American
Bethany Hamilton Bethany Hamilton February 8 American
Keenon Jackson March 9 American
Carli Bybel Carli Bybel October 17 American
Elton Castee July 6 American
Blackbear November 27 American
Lu Han Lu Han April 20 Chinese
Cody Ko Cody Ko November 22 American

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