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American TV personality Nabila Haniss’ net worth is today $10 million. Born in 1965, she is an Entrepreneur and appeared in TV show “Storage Wars”. Wiki, to Husband name details provided.  The show was aired in the year 2010 and has been one of the most popular shows of A&E. It has also successfully launched two spin-offs- Storage Wars: New York” and “Storage Wars: Texas”. Both the spin-offs were launched in the year 2013.

NameNabila Haniss
Net Worth$10.5 Million
Source of IncomeBusiness
Annual Salary$0.7 Million
Monthly Income$58,000
Weekly Income$14,500
Daily Income$2,000
Birth Date22nd of October 1965

Nabila is quite famous in auction business world and had paid an amount of $2,770 for a Southern Californian unit which had properties of celebrities Nicky Hilton and Paris. She rose to fame after she bought these units. She sold these units for around $10 million. The units comprised of Paris Hiltons personal diaries and other possessions as well.  The items were showcased online and anyone who wished to see the items had to pay $39.95. Paris Hilton had apparently sued Nabila and the company involved in the deal.Regarding her origin, there is not proven data available. Nabila Hanis doesn’t share a good repo with the co-stars of Storage Wars show. However, the show has played a major role in in order to make good net worth for her.

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