Namiko Love Browner
Namiko Love Browner

Namiko Love Browner – Biography, Parents, & Family

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Cute girl Namiko Love Browner is a rising singer, find her her biography from height, age, parents name, siblings, net worth, education to family info. She is a very pretty daughter of famous  R&B singer O’Ryan. The nine year old girl comes from the families of musicians from both her parents’ side. Her father is a very popular American singer O’Ryan.

Full Name Namiko Love Browner
Birth Date November 19, 2008
Nationality American
Height 3.5 feet / 1.06 m
Parents O’Ryan and Jhene Aiko.
Net Worth Under Review
Uncle Omarion
Grandmother Leslie Burrell
Ethnicity White

The teen pop star is the younger brother of R&B sensation Omarion. Not only this, Namiko’s mother is the famous singing sensation, Jhené Aiko. The 29 year old singer is known for her association with R&B group B2K.

Namiko Love Browner’s parents got married secretly which was revealed only few months before their divorce finalised in 2016. The reasons cited for divorce were irreconcilable differences. Namiko’s custody went to her mother Aiko, and she stays with her till date.

Interestingly, news has it that Aiko’s divorce with Namiko’s father O’Ryan happened because of her alleged kiss with popular rapper Big Sean. However, they confirmed their relationship status in a post on Instagram and remain in relationship since then.

According to Aiko, Namiko means “child of the wave.” The name is not just pretty but has a greater depth to it. The mother, who is also a songwriter (explains the lyrical name) took inspiration from a book by Vietnamese Zen Buddhist Monk Thick Nhat Hanh. Just like there is no birth or death of a wave as it comes from water, so the child of wave is someone who continues to exist in this world and does not merely depend upon the birth and death.

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