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Neil Darish is the biggest land owner in McCarthy whose net worth is about $1 million. Check out his wiki, history, girlfriend name and history. Neil Darish is the popular star of the Discovery show, Edge of Alaska. He has joined the show on 2014 and he is still in the ghost land McCarthy and he is trying to transform this remote but pictorial place to a modern 21st-century city. There are lots of objection for his work from the locals, who want to keep the old tradition of Alaska there. He is the unofficial mayor of the place, who owned most of the lands of McCarthy.

Net Worth – $1 Million

Name: Neil Darish

DOB: Under Review

Annual Salary: $200,000

Height: 5.10 Feet

Girlfriend: Gay

Ethnicity: White

McCarthy is a remote place of Alaska with just 40 people, who come there during the winter season. The conflict and the life story of these people are the key features of this show. Neil plays the major part here because he is the biggest land owner of McCarthy. There is no concrete road or we can say this place is totally off road and no other modern facilities for living.

Biography of Neil Darish

Surprisingly, Neil Darish is an entrepreneur of McCarthy. He has his own bar and hotel there, which is actually the only hotel there. Neil also has his own store there, the only source of the residents to get all the daily necessity. This is actually the window of the modern living for the forty people of McCarthy.  His store has a wide variety of different kinds of foods, fruits, vegetables and more, which is popular there as McCarthy Centre Store.

He is trying to bring the electricity soon for the local community, who are off the grid for long days. Neil wants to make the place, a unique tourist destination for the travelers.

Neil is a gay and he is very clear about his relationship goal. Darish also wants to maintain the authenticity of the place, his dream is to join the place with modernity.

Neil is aware of the modern techniques and he connects with the world through the social networking profile of him. He is very active and he shares his life and plans to the viewers through Facebook. He is on the Discovery show Edge of Alaska from the beginning and this channel has aired the Season Six on 2016.

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