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Gypsy Sisters tv star Nettie Stanley net worth has been revealed. Check out her wiki, original age, height, family including husband and children in 2018. Anyone who is a fan of reality television knows the popularity of Gypsy Sisters on TLC. The American reality series that ran from February 2013, to July, 2015, claimed a large number of viewers and a huge fan following. Credit due to the interesting real-life characters, the Gypsy Sisters let the audience get a glimpse of the unique lifestyle of the Gypsy community of America. It brought in a lot of entertainment value with a classic reality style presentation. The Gypsy Sisters though, later fell short of ratings in USA and hence, the show had to be cancelled. However, the place these gypsy sisters have made in the entertainment industry is still worthy to be noticed. Nettie Stanley was a cast member of this reality TV show, where she appeared in all of the four seasons.

Full NameNettie Stanley
Birth DateJuly 10, 1974
Height5.5 Feet
ParentsLottie Mae Stanley
Net Worth$400 Thousand
Source of IncomeTV Personality
Annual Salary$80,000
SiblingMellie Stanley and JoAnn Wells
ChildrenNukie Small and Dallas Williams
HusbandHuey Stanley

Nettie Stanley gained popularity at first when she was part of the reality TV show My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding. She then went on to star in the spin-off, Gypsy Sisters. Nettie was just a teenager when she eloped with her first husband JR. since her elopement; Nettie has married three different men. She has been married to her third husband for more than ten years now. On their tenth anniversary, Nettie and her third husband, Huey had the privilege to renew their vows. Nettie has been a devoted mother to her not just 1 or 2 but total 9 children – Heath, Albert, Dallas, Nuckie, Destiny, Chasitie, Huey, Sheila and Kat. She also has a number of grandchildren, born to her 9 children.

In the TV show, Nettie stars alongside with her siblings Mellie Stanley and JoAnn Wells. Nettie has been dubbed as the matriarch of the family as she is the oldest sister. Nettie has been proclaimed as the mother hen of the gypsy sisters, because of her caring attitude towards all the gypsy sisters. The Gypsy Sisters gained popularity due to the entertaining factors brought in by Nellie and her sisters Mellie and JoAnn. However, due to the tragic death of Nellie’s step son, Nellie decided to leave the show to raise her family out of spotlight.

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