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Nick Mcglashan, appeared in an episode of Discovery’s “Deadliest Catch”, is a seasoned crab fisherman. Being a Bering sea crabber, is something that many dreams of but only a handful of people achieves as it offers one of the most dangerous working environment on the planet. This is the only reason why only 350 people out of the entire world population claims to take it up as a career. And Nick Mcglashan is one such inspiration to have achieved this despite of having severe health related issues. In an article written for chosen magazine titled “The Deadliest Disease”, Nick Mcglashan opened up about his struggle with addiction of drugs.

Full NameNick Mcglashan
Height5.8 Feet
Net Worth$200 Thousand
Source of IncomeTV Show Star & Fishing
Annual Salary$70,000
SiblingUnder Review
GirlfriendUnder Review

He said that he was taking up vodka, heroin and meth (ouch) at the same time and overdosed nearly three times before getting sober in September 2016, when he had to undergo a treatment. He also stated that as a result of this not only his body but also spirit and mind were awfully affected and he was literally waiting for death. Mcglashan is not the first member of The Deadliest Catch cast to open up about his addiction publicly but the fact cannot be underrated that doing so requires immense courage, which Mcglashan surely had.

Not much is known about Nick Mcglashans personal life apart from his struggle with serious diseases. Mcglashan often makes certain revelations from time to time through his tweeter account so that his fans get to know him better. Once Mcglashan disclosed that his substance abuse was even worse than what was shown in “Deadliest Catch” show. Even there was a time, when probalities were there that the Bering Sea crabber may be having a grave disease cancer. But after undergoing few tests it was clear that he is not having cancer and all his fans were really relieved by this news.

As of now there is no such info available regarding Nick dating or girlfriend name. Following his popularity, even a donation campaign was started for the much loved star that was through a fund raising platform named Justgiving. It is through his immense courage and the prayers of his followers and Nick Mcglashan has now recovered and we all hope that he continues to rise and shine in near future.

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