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Nicko Mcbrain Net Worth and Salary (Musician)

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Musician and drummer McBrain has a total net worth of $30 million and with his talent, it’s no surprise. Very few drummers have the sustained popularity that Iron Maiden drummer Nicko McBrain has. This heavy metal icon was born in Hackney, London, England with a different name. Henry Michael McBrain learned to play the drums at a young age, inspired by the performer Joe Morello gave on The Dave Brubeck show. After his parents relented and bought him his first set of drums at the age of eleven or twelve. By the age of fourteen, he had built enough of a reputation for himself to be playing at weddings and pubs on a regular basis.

Net Worth – $30 Million

Full Name: Michael Henry Nicko McBrain

Annual Salary: $2,000,000

Birth Date

Birthday5th of June 1952


Height & Weight

Height and Weight

1.84 m / 6.05 feet



Wife: Rebecca McBrain

Children: Justin McBrain and Nicolas McBrain

While McBrain got an engineering degree, he never forgot the passion he had for drumming. Which was why, soon after finishing college, he joined multiple bands and attempted to find not only his own style but a band that would stay together. Through this time, some of the bands he played with are; Peyton Bond, The Wall Street Blues Band, Streetwalkers and finally Trust. Throughout these band hops, he not only sharpened his technique and created his own style of drumming, he picked up the nickname through which he is so popular today.

While he was with The Wall Street Blues Band, one of his band-mates introduced him as Neeko- a drunken version of his childhood nickname Nicky. He liked this nickname enough to modify it to a more ‘British’ Nicko and make it stick.

McBrain met Iron Maiden for the first time in 1981 when they toured with Trust, the band he was then playing with. In 1982, they asked him to replace their drummer and over the years, despite the changes in other members throughout the 90’s he stayed constant. He wasn’t the only one, though, in 1999 when the two former members Adrian Smith and Bruce Dickinson returned, the current world-famous lineup was formed and they soared to heights greater than before.

Since then, Iron Maiden has released more than a dozen studio albums including McBrain’s first album with the group Piece of Mind, Seventh Son of a Seventh Son, The X Factor, Dance of Death, and The Final Frontier. McBrain might have found his drumming style while with the other bands, but “…in Maiden he actually burst…” It’s with this band that he found his true potential.

Nicko McBrain married his wife in 1989 and has wo children- Nicholas and Justin. 10 years after his marriage, he attended a church service with his wife and found himself experiencing a ‘calling’. In 1999, after this experience, he converted to Christianity.

Nicko Mcbrain Net Worth$30 Million
NameMichael Henry Nicko McBrain
Source of WealthMusician
Yearly Income$2 Million
Monthly Income$166,000
Weekly Income$41,000
Daily Income$5,800

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