PontiacMadeDDG Net worth – Bio, Age, Car & Family

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PontiacMadeDDG Net Worth reaches to $550,000

PontiacMadeDDG is a young Youtube star whose original name is Darryl Granberry. Born in 1997, his bio tells his age, cars he own, and family. YouTube with its ever increasing popularity has given birth to a lot of famous celebrities of recent days. But when it comes to blogger, then PontiacMadeDDG is one of the most popular and trending names among the young generation. With his popular and encouraging dating video blogs PontiacMadeDDG has come up with the latest ideas to dramatize the relationship between him and his girlfriend Kellie Sweet.

Full NamePontiacMadeDDG
Birth DateOctober 10, 1997
Height5.8 feet/1.73 m
ParentsUnder Review
Net Worth$550,000
Source of IncomeYoutube Star
Annual Salary$220,000

Latest wiki leaks regarding PontiacMadeDDG reveal that this 19 year old video blogger born in the in 1997 on 10th of October at Pontiac in Michigan. Her mother’s name is Tonya Yvette, where as the name of his father is not yet known. He has a little sister who is 12 years old and lives with her mother in Michigan. Latest revelation points that the real name of PontiacMadeDDG is “Darryl Granberry.” This famous video blogger believes in astrology to a great extent and his birth sign is Libra. According to him, he and his present girlfriend has a great band because of their love sign matches with each other. PontiacMadeDDG possess American citizenship and belongs to a family of African American family, where he has been brought up with high moral. This star has a decent physic and tall figure. It is heard that Granberry is almost 5’8” tall. He loves to engrave tattoo on his body and thus he has a monochrome tattoo on her left arm and chest that represents some ancient Aztec language.

Coming to his career this YouTube star is an amazing entertainer who is not only known for his recent video blogs about the relationship between him and his girlfriend but also famous for his parody and prank videos. He launched this own YouTube channel in the year 2011 on 27th of October that has given him much needed popularity coupled with outstanding video posts. Besides this, PontiacMadeDDG is popular for his songs like G.O.A.T and Dope, which you can listen from Soundcloud. Presently, this YouTube star is dating Kellie Sweet but they prefer to keep it secret because according to them it has given them much amount of popularity. The hush hush stuff between him and his girlfriend has made all of their fans to discuss a lot about them.

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