Popular Celebrities Born in 1987

This is the list of some popular celebrities born in 1987 including actor and actresses. They are Pop Singer, Youtube Star to Sports person. This is the list of some popular celebrities born in 1987 including actor and actresses. They are Pop Singer, Youtube Star to Movie actress. The people born in the year 1987 are gentle, elegant, patient and very easy going with others. They being patient can stay calm even at the times of chaos. They are good at organizing events and projects. Their skilfulness helps them work things out in the best way possible. They have strong inner compass guiding their feelings and emotions. They appreciate the good things in life and when they are sad they do not wait for it to pass but act upon it to mend or correct the situation

The only drawback about them is that they often cannot just let things pass and get affected by certain feelings and keep stressing over such thoughts. Other than this, they have the capability to become rich and love to stay surrounded by their loved ones.

PhotoNameBirth DateNationality
Lionel MessiJune 24Argentinean
Zac EfronOctober 18American
Brendon UrieApril 12American
Phil LesterJanuary 30British
Anthony PadillaSeptember 16American
Shay MitchellApril 10Canadian
H2O DeliriousMay  2American
Wiz KhalifaSeptember 8American
Ian HecoxNovember 30American
Kendrick LamarJune 17American
Evan PetersJanuary 20American
KeshaMarch 1American
Meek MillMay 6Philadelphian
Hilary DuffSeptember 28American
Blake LivelyAugust 25American
AJ Mendez BrooksMarch 19American
Anna Saccone-JolyNovember 3American
Breland EmoryOctober 18American
Tom FeltonSeptember 22English
Jim ChapmanDecember 28English
David LopezMay 24American
Alex GaskarthDecember 14English
Michelle PhanApril 11American
Rob KardashianMarch 17American
Bow WowMarch 9American
Amy Lee33July 29English
Kevin JonasNovember 5American
Vicky PattisonNovember 16English
Erica MenaNovember 8American
Luis SuarezJanuary 24Argentinean
Tyler HoechlinSeptember 11American
SaraBeautyCornerDecember 25Slovenian
Sidney CrosbyAugust 7American
Carlie StylezJune  5American
SnookiNovember 23American
TopNovember 4South Korean
Ed WestwickJune  27English
Austin CarlileSeptember 27American
Kelly KellyJanuary 15Florida
Desi PerkinsMarch 3American
Jeremih FeltonJuly 17American
Michael GreenJune 2American
Lee Min-hoJune 22South Korean
Matthew DaddarioOctober 1American
Candice KingMay 13American
Taras KulakovMarch 11Russian
Arin HansonJanuary 6American
Tove LoOctober 29Swedish


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