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Youtube star Ricegum net worth is now known including wiki. Find out his height, age, siblings, house & car he bought and family detail. Though this famous YouTube personality is known throughout his fans as RiceGum, his original name is quite different and it is Bryan Lee. This 20 year old YouTuber is one of the most controversial personalities on YouTube. The main controversy regarding him started when he made a humorous video on a rape victim just for gaining more number of views. He is now an American but his roots are from Chinese and Vietnamese origin. This YouTuber became popular with a video which was named “These Kids Must Be Stopped” and as the title suggests this video was about humorously roasting some other starts including Jacob Sartorius, Loren Gray and Hunter Rowland.

Full NameRice Gum
Birth DateNovember 19, 1996
Height6.2 feet / 1.90 m
ParentsLuat Quang Le and Quang Ly Lely
Net Worth$1.75 million
Source of IncomeMusical Artist
Annual Salary$600,000
Sibling1 Sister
EthnicityChinese andVietnamese

As you must have guessed by now, RiceGum uses his satirical skills to make videos mostly on those people who try to roast him. He presently resides in Los Angeles, California. The mot popular video of this satirical star has crossed over 60 million views and it features Alissa Violet. The video is titled “It’s EveryNight Sis”. With over 7.8 milion subscribers, RiceGum has literally taken over the internet with his vlogs.

Combining the sources received from various places, it has been found that RiceGum has a net worth of about $1.5 million and earn nearly $600 thousand a year. On the basis of the number of views that he gets per day, his income per day should be around $1600.

RiceGum had previously posted on Twitter saying that he has declined a scholarship to Harvard University. He created his YouTube channel way back on 24th September, 2012. But in those initial days he was only a gaming YouTuber and his videos were featured on him playing the game “Call of Duty”. In the same year around the month of November, he got into a partnership with Machinima. During his life as a gaming YouTuber, he received about 1.5 million views and about 180,000 subscribers. But later one he had violated YouTube’s term of service and thus his account was terminated.

Currently Ricegum is living in a huge house which is located in LA along with other roommates. This house is put on sale for about $12 million. There are total 10 king size room, swimming pool, gym and many other luxurious stuff. Recently Rice Gum bought a new SUV car.

One of his most popular videos on YouTube include the “I Mailed Myself In A Box and It Worked!” And you will be baffled with the number of views it had received – a whooping 19 million views. In the first half of the year 2016, RiceGum was himself dissed in a video. This video was created by Taylor Caniff and as a response another video named “Taylor Caniff Wants to Fight Me” was made by RiceGum as a revenge. RiceGum’s roasting videos on musers and viners have taken the internet by a storm. He had even collaborated with none other than Mia Khalifa for one of his past videos.

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