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The man who lives in mountain, Rich Lewis shared his net worth including wiki, height, age, wife and family. He came on Mountain Men reality tv show. When we talk of hidden talents on television who could not make it up to their goals, we come across the name Rich Lewis. Rich Lewis is one of the cast members of the television shows, Mountain Men. It’s a reality television series which went on air on 31st May in the year of 2012. The reality show, Mountain Men came in the History Channel.

Full NameRich Lewis
Age58 (approx)
Height5’11” / 1.80 m
Net Worth$350 Thousand
Source of IncomeTelevision personality
Annual Salary$40,000 (estimated)
ChildrenUnder Review

Rich Lewis is one of the notable and talented cast of this show while there are many other talented actors as well. Rich Lewis has been working in the show from the 2nd season up to the present year and the on going season. The show comes in the television in the English language.

Rich Lewis resides in Montana’s Ruby Valley with his wife Diane. He is a mountain lion hunter and he pursues his passion in tracking mountain lions with the help of a team of hounds.The work he does is a risky one. It is a dangerous task and has enormous life risk. The mountain lions are known to attack and prey on humans. The mountain lions have already killed one of Rich’s prized possession, Roxie. It was one of Rich’s efficient hounds. Yet, this continues to be his favourite tasks. He does it fearlessly and hardly cares of the consequences. Certainly it is his will power and determination that has made him achieve a huge success in his work. Unless faced with unavoidable circumstances, Rich would never want to leave his task or give it less priority. Do check other stars of Mountain Men like Marty Meierotto.

In the last year, due to the harsh winters in the mountains, forced the hungry predators uphill to come down in search of food and it was then, Rich faced another threatening group of beasts, the wolves. However, the role of Rich has been elevated. He has been given the charge of the Ruby Valley, Montana. The ranchers there would make him work overtime in order to patrol the valley against the deadly wolves. Thus, Rich has a strategy to work hard and drive off the wolves before they can strike the population.

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