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Robbie Wolfe Net Worth – Bio, Wife, Age, Family

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From American Pickers, Robbie Wolfe revealed his updated net worth including bio, current wife, height, age, family, source of wealth and children. A Former Musician, Robbie Wolfe is known for a few appearances on American Pickers, which is hosted by his brother Mike Wolfe. He is now an Insurance Broker for living.

Full NameRobbie Wolfe
Birth Date1960
SiblingMike Wolfe and Beth
Net Worth
Source of IncomeMusician
Annual Salary
WifeRobyn Wolfe
ChildrenJeremy, Brandon Kylie and Reagan

Robbie grew up in United States with his elder brother Mike Wolfe and Sister Beth.

Robbie Wolfe was well known Musician and rock & roller in the 80s, who used to play in LA club. His sense of music was very good and his band was famous as well. He was crazy, spontaneous and had all qualities of being a rock star. However, things got entirely changed for Robbie after his future wife Robyn came in his life. She was stable and Robbie was spontaneous. It was a perfect match for them.

But after marriage, Robbie’s life took a U-turn. Robyn being the dominant one told Robbie to choose between her or the music tours he did with the band. Their marriage hardly was one year old, so Robbie did not wanted to spoil it and chose to stay with Robbie giving up on his close aide, Music. For a living, Robbie now works as an Insurance broker but he still hopes of reuniting with his band members and follow his passion.

Robbie was known by his appearances on American pickers in 2010. He appeared with Frank Fritz and Danielle Colby on this show.

Robbie never imagined his life would change upside down. It has been more than 17 years of their marriage and they have four children, two elder sons- Jeremy, Brandon and two daughters-Kylie and Reagan. Robbie’s family life can be called as nothing. Because, Robbie is the one who have to do all the household chores from cleaning to cooking while Robyn stays in her room watching TV through the day, yelling at children or Robbie.

The children are close to their dad, Robbie but still they hate him for not standing for their mother. Children are going wild as they listen to their neither mother nor father. Robbie and his wife Robyn hardly speaks because all they do is fight. Once in a week they argue for Divorce and rest whole time they scream at each other. Robbie is in a state of depression as there is nothing-good going in his life. He did not have sex with his wife for last 5 years neither he has his music to rely upon. He feels lonely and wants to get out of it one day. He still has his hairs long hoping to get back to music one day.

Robbie is doing the Insurance work for living and that is merely enough for a family of six but he is managing this from years.

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