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Cute teen Youtube star Ruby Rube shared her biography from height, age, siblings, net worth, family, contact number and source of wealth.  She is a British comedy vlogger who is very cute and wonderful. She is just 11 years old and has got more than 1.3 million subscribers on YouTube. Her videos are really out of the box and get a huge number of views. Most of her videos go viral due to their adventurous nature and the way she describes her experiences through her journey. She is pretty much popular on and has more than 255,000 fans on the rubyrube1 account. She has a lot of videos that are almost a part of a series. These include all the “I Mailed Myself…” vlogs where she supposedly mails herself to fantastical persons and then shares her experience about it.

Full NameRuby Rube
Birth DateJanuary 16, 2006
Height4’4” / 1.34m
Net Worth$700 Thousand
Source of IncomeYouTube Personality
Annual Salary$400,000

Ruby Rube was born on January 16, 2006, in England. Her YouTube channel, which goes by her name, was created in December 2015. The first video she launched was simply “Introducing Ruby Rube”. Her ways are simply amazing and one would love watching her videos. She also has a younger sister by the name of Bonnie. Other than that, she pets a dog named Lady. Her favourite sport has been swimming. Ruby loves music and her favourite singer has been Ariana Grande.

It’s been seen that many fans wanted to know the real phone number of Ruby Rube. It’s suggested that to follow her instagram account and request for an autograph or leave a message for any query.

Ruby has surely got the public attention through her humourous videos that are filled with pranks and challenges. they also have random content that would enthral the public. The total views on her channel have crossed 180 million. That surely says a lot about her popularity. She is expected to earn about $1350 per day. This is because she should be getting an average of about 750,000 views each day. Thus, her total net worth should be around $700,000 on a whole. She has not disclosed the net worth publicly. Thus, Ruby Rube is a very popular YouTube star as of today.

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