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Check out Simeon Panda updated biography from net worth, real age, height, weight, nationality, salary, family, bodybuilding career, facts and more. Simone is the owner of her a YouTube channel with more than 220 thousand subscribers and 13 million viewers. His self-titled YouTube channel has made a craze upon his fans. He is one of the most popular and influential bodybuilders of the world.  He is a renowned entrepreneur too; he is the owner of Just Lift and SP Aesthetics Sportswear. Simone has competed in various body building shows and competition. Through his website he inspires many other people, to become a body builder by maintaining a fine workout routine and perfect diet. He promotes the tricks of natural body building. He has a perfect physique, with proper six pack abs.

Full NameSimeon Panda
Birth DateMay 10, 1981
Age36 years
Height6′ 2″ / 187.5cm
Weight106 Kg / 235 lbs
Chest57″ / 144.7cm
Net Worth$500,000
Source of IncomeBody Builder
Annual Salary$75,000

This renowned bodybuilding personality has started his fitness journey as a personal trainer of several people to achieve their perfect fitness goals. But his career turned to make history as he won the prestigious contests like Worldwide Muscle Mania and then the European Championship. He won both the contests and gained a huge popularity by earning the Muscle Mania Pro Status. He represents many body building shows and competitions as a judge nowadays. His credits and capabilities are not limited to it just. He pens for many fitness magazines and also posed for the cover pages of these magazines including Muscle-Insider, Muscle Magazine, Muscle & Performance, Train Magazine and Fitness RX etc. He represents many seminars also.

This phenomenon personality has appeared on television and radio too. He was present in the popular TV show of Australia, “The Today Show” and on the New York’s renowned radio station Hot 97. To have his fitness secret and to shop his workout products, one can visit his website Simone writes blogs for his website on fitness and bodybuilding.  He has begun the hard weight lifting training when he was just a 16 years old boy. His dedication, hard work, and positive approach have given him a great chance to win the battle of the professional world. He is a social media star and he has more than 1.4 million followers for his Instagram account and also huge followers on YouTube and Facebook. He posts workout videos regularly on those social networking sites. My Top 5 Greens for Healthy Gains and How to Build a Big Chest are some very popular videos on his YouTube channel. From his multi jobs and involvements, he has made $ 500 thousand net worth.

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