Sodapoppin Net Worth 2018, Height, Age, Wiki, GF & Facts

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Sodapoppin is a well known YouTuber who has a net worth $400 thousand. As per wiki, his real name is ‎Thomas Chance Morris, was born on February 15, 1994, is 1.73 m tall, has a girlfriend name Legendarylea. Check his facts updated in 2018. He is a young video blogger and variety streamer, who has mastered all sorts of web games. His real name is Thomas Chance Morris. He is based in Texas, USA. He is known for making gaming and parody content on the web.

Full Name ‎Thomas Chance Morris
Birth Date February 15, 1994
Nationality American
Height 5 feet 7 inches / 1.73m
Age 24 Years
Net Worth $400 Thousand
Source of Income Vlogger
Annual Salary $200,000
Sibling N/A
Children N/A
Ethnicity White
Girlfriend Legendarylea

His gaming content is unique in the sense that it uses comedy style and sketches. Kids and youngsters are highly influenced by his gaming action. He has earned maximum fame for playing Feral Druid in PvP. At present, he is the first ranked player in the exciting game World of Warcraft. Besides his gaming skills, his networking strategies make him a renowned You Tuber. He uses catchy names for his videos to augment his fan base.

Sodapoppin’s Family & Education

Chance Morris or Sodapoppin was born on 15 November, 1994 in Texas, USA. Born in a rich family he was a pampered kid. His parents had adopted few kids. He was a bright student in school. He entered the streaming world in the year 2008, when he was only 14. Instead of going to college for higher education, he decided to choose a novel path-breaking career.

Career on YouTube

In the year 2012, he launched his own YouTube channel named Sodapoppin33. He uploaded his first video titled “Sodapoppin playing Amnesia 2”. He began his gaming journey as a ‘World of Warcraft’ streamer. At first, he was active on a platform called X-fire and had little fan following. His followers increased gradually. Afterwards, he joined Justintv and later on the jerk group. His fans on Twitch eagerly rejoined him later on jerk group. Sodapoppin eventually became a partnered live streamer on Twitch TV.

Net Worth

At just 24 years of age, Sodapoppin is a gaming icon with a net worth of 4000,000 USD. At present Sodapoppin33 is a mainstream channel with 0.5 million supporters. Sodapoppin is also the owner of a-sport named Northern Gaming. Its subscribers rise in numbers everyday. Sodapoppin has also uploaded songs such as Sandstorm and Touch the Sky on Twitch.TV, his real online networking stage.

Dating and Girlfriend

He is currently living in Texas House. He is currently dating to hot Twitch TV streamer Legendarylea who is his girlfriend. Her real name is Lea May. Although Lea has praised his gaming skills, she occasionally feels that the boy needs to socialize. There are rumors regarding their break up. However their photographs on Instagram show that they are still together.

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