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The young rapper Speaker Knockerz found dead in 2014 whose net worth was estimated to be $300 thousand. His original name was Derek McAllister, who left his legacy at young age. Speaker Knockerz was the name of a new hope of the music, which was fade away very fast. Speaker Knockerz AKA Derek McAllister was a rapper and a fabulous musician from South Carolina of USA. He died surprisingly at his 19, he was found dead in his own home. He was a boy with full of life, music and a wholehearted love for rock music.

NameSpeaker Knockerz
Birth DateNovember 6, 1994
Net Worth$300 thousand
Source of IncomeRapper
Annual Salary$150,000
Monthly Income$12,500
Weekly Income$3,100
Height 1.73 m

He has been started his career as a producer too, but he passed away by leaving all the assignments and dream incomplete. The mystery of the brutal murder of this young guy is still unresolved. It was an incident of March 2014, he was missing for three days then the police found his dead body in his own garage.  According to investigation it a death by cardiac issue, not any drug or other issues are involved there.

At a time he has rules the YouTube channel with his music trilogy “Rico Story”. It was his first release on that platform and he has conquered the whole music world by that. He had a unique and most alluring rap style, which was appreciated by the audience so much.

He was born on 6th November 1994. His family was in New York City. His father was in prison for ten years there, so the mother Derek has decided to change their place of living from N.Y, C to South Carolina, after knowing the fact about Derek’s father. It was her brave decision to keep her son away from any unhealthy atmosphere. In South Carolina, Derek found his interest of life, his passion and his love for rock music. He has started working on it but it took place finally after returning to his father, who had a deep knowledge of music. He helped his son to reach his dream and Derek has released his first music venture “Flight Delayed”. His work was noticed and appreciated by all the musicians of America and then he worked for Meek Mill and Gucci Mane by selling his beats to them.  Within just a few years of his career, he has achieved so many success and fame and also a big fan following. He was also an offer from popular record label MC when he passed away. Like many other youngsters of his age, he was quite active on social media. He had his own profiles on Instagram, Facebook, and twitter. Derek has many music presentations, like the rangers “She Coo Wit That’, which was produced by him too.

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