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Steve Pomrenke Net Worth

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Experienced gold miner Steve Pomrenke earn about $250,000 every month. Got the fame from Bering Sea Gold, Steve Pomrenke net worth is $5 million. Pomrenke is an American who is famous and successful as a gold digger and miner in Alaska. He is now a reality show star as well.

NameSteve Pomrenke
Net Worth$5 Million
Source of IncomeGold Miner
Annual Salary$250,000
Monthly Income$20,800
Weekly Income$5,200
Daily Income$740
Birth Date1953
WifeUnder Review

Biography, Family and Business

Born and brought up in Pierz, Minnesota, Steve never had any inkling about his future profession. He grew up in a farm environment and started working as a mechanic locally. In late 1990s however he planned to shift into gold mining business and shifted to Alaska to start his new venture. His first open pit mining venture was successful and gradually he started getting recognition as a miner for his avant-garde techniques of mining which cuts down both time and cost. He was nearly broke when he initially started his gold mining business.

With growing local fame, his work and ventures were spotted by Discovery Network and was approached by them to follow his work onscreen in Bearing Sea Gold and Bearing Sea Gold: Under the Ice. Both the series are shot in Nome, Alaska where he currently resides. Both the series are shot during the spring and fall seasons, venturing in different water areas both shallow and deep sea ocean.

Steve Pomrenke’s Net Worth

His current inland venture has fetched him about $3 million worth of gold and he has laid his eyes upon his own property backyard. He has invested a fortune to dig up the place and has taken a major risk for the venture. Steve at the age of 59 years considers this to be his last big adventure as he approaches retirement. Steve spends most of the time in the vessel and enjoys his work thoroughly with his family.

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Steve is seen in the episodes as a tough no-nonsense personality, ever into altercation with his son Shawn. Even though they frequently bicker, Steve heavily relies on his son to get things done. He is the owner of the vessel Christine Rose which is followed onscreen.

Pomrenke has two sons who are all part of the show along with other crew members. The show has gained popularity over the years and has attracted about 3 million viewers. Always carrying a brusque personality, Steve keeps up his reputation by working extra hard on the projects and ensures that the entire crew works together to get things going.

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