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Sue Aikens – Biography, Net Worth (Life Below Zero)

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Life Below Zero star Sue Aikens net worth is $500 thousand. Born in 1963, living in Alaska, find her wiki, age, earning, husband and family background. Sue Aikens is a celebrity from Alaska, who is popular for her show “Life below Zero” of National Geographic Channel. Her fame is not depending on just one show, she is the part of three different shows. She runs her own “Kivik River Camp”.

NameSue Aikens
Net Worth$500,000
Source of IncomeTelevision personality
Annual Salary$200,000
Monthly Income$16,000
Weekly Income$4,000
Birth DateJuly 1, 1963

Sue at first introduced to the television world with the reality show “Sarah Palin’s Alaska”. Then she gave her career a new fly with “Flying Wild Alaska” but she appeared for just two episode of the show.  Her survival story at a remote area of Alaska in “Life below Zero” is the most attractive one which is getting huge fame day by day. It is a story of her everyday living struggle in such an area. Her camp is just a few miles away from Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. She is living there with the motto that, “If it hurts, don’t thing about it”.

Sui Aikens, the winner if life was born on 1st July of 1963. She is not an Alaskan by born as she was born in Chicago but she moved to Alaska with her mother at her very young age and then brought up there.

She is quite accustomed to the nature and inhabitants of River Camp even she was going through by a juvenile bear attack badly, but never stopped her survival journey at her Kivik River Camp. She is there for a long time; nearly 13 years ago she shifted there.

Life below Zero is the most popular show on National Geographic channel and enough big platforms to give her huge fame and fortune in a very short time period. In her camp, there are six people and everyone earns $4500 for every week and the net worth of the main protagonist of the show, Sue Aikens is over $ 500, 000,00.

Her camp is the best place for fishing and hunting with full equipment. The National Geographic channel has told her life story through a series web video “Sue in the City”, it is her life story when she lives in New York City.

Many people thought that Sue was in military which is not true, she just love nature and enjoying her life while living close to nature. She is very active on Facebook and Twitter. Facebook is the way of her to connect with the world and her fans.

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