The 10 Most Expensive Caviar in the World

The 10 Most Expensive Caviar in the World

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Are you aware of most expensive and luxurious caviar in the world? Find out the 10 such types costing up to $10,000 for 1 kg as of 2018 including wiki & facts. Many of you must be familiar with the word Caviar, often being part of elite dining. But what is it exactly? Caviar is the salt treated fish eggs, extracted with different elaborate procedures to keep intact its natural nutty-creamy flavour. Due to its rare nature and elaborate extracting style, caviar is listed in the elite food list and is super expensive.

Caviar is derived from the Persian word Khag-avar meaning roe generator. Roes are ripe egg masses found in the ovary of fishes. Initially roes or more fancily called caviar was considered to be peasant food in Russia. Later with time, caviar came to be considered as one of the luxury food and is widely used as a garnish or spread.

10 Most Expensive Caviar

Although quite heavy on the pocket, caviar still remains of the finest food on the list of caviar lovers and connoisseurs.

Caviar TypePriceQuantity
Beluga Caviar$853.658 ounce
Iranian Sevruga$8,6301000 grams
Classic Grey Sevruga Caviar$7,6241000 grams
Russian Prime Osetra Caviar$6,0401000 grams Iranian Imperial Wild Caviar$3,02716 ounce
Marky’s Fresh Farmed Kaluga Caviar$2,88016 ounce
Russian Classic Osetra Caviar$2,019400 grams
Hackleback Caviar$446500 grams
Imperial Golden Osetra Caviar$10,4001000 grams
Fresh Imported Sevruga Caviar$8,320500 grams

According to the UN Food and Agricultural society, caviar is original only if it is extracted from fishes belonging to the Acipenseriformer family. Anything apart from this is only the substitute for caviar. Generally caviar is served with a mother of pearl spoon to keep its taste intact. Depending on its size, colour and texture there are generally four types of caviar:

  • Golden brown
  • Grey-black
  • White and
  • Black with golden overtones

Also check the most expensive golf balls. Let’s explore few of the finest caviar found in the world belonging to the elite class dining:

  1. Beluga Caviar: USA Farmed

Costing around $853.65 for 8 ounce, this caviar comes with its own distinct nutty flavour and smooth taste that lingers in the mouth for quite some time.

  1. Iranian Sevruga:

This caviar costs $8630 for 1000 grams. It is unique for its large grains which is golden hued and was the favourite of Persian King.

  1. Classic Grey Sevruga Caviar:

You need to shell out $7624 for a jar of 1000 grams of Classic Grey Sevruga caviar. Going by the name, this variety has medium grey beads with distinct nutty taste.

  1. Russian Prime Osetra Caviar: 

The golden brown beads are large and have a nutty low toned flavour with a crisp texture. This is a perfect appetizer going by its beautiful color and equally alluring flavour. A 1000 grams jar costs $6040.

  1. Iranian Imperial Wild Caviar:

This type of caviar is has a golden color and firm beads. It costs $3027 for a 16 ounce tin and has been considered as Imperial caviar for the Persian King due to its large grain and distinct nutty flavour.

  1. Marky’s Fresh Farmed Kaluga Caviar:

This caviar has a distinct dark grey and glossy texture and has large grains. Its flavour has buttery smoothness and has a full burst of flavour inspite of being mild. Its price is $2880 for a 16 ounce tin.

  1. Russian Classic Osetra Caviar:

Priced at $2019 for 400 grams, this caviar is an all time classic. It is a common name amongst all caviar fans and has a mild nutty original taste which makes it a hot favourite amongst aficionados.

  1. Hackleback Caviar:

This is the wild variety with a unique black golden sheen with large beads. It has an intense nutty flavour and is American by origin. Its sooth buttery aromatic taste is sure to linger for long. A tin of 500 grams costs $446.

  1. Imperial Golden Osetra Caviar;

Extracted from the Ostera sturgeon, its nutty falvour cannot be missed. With a golden shine and black medium sized beads, tis caviar comes for $10,400 for 1000 grams. That’s pretty heavy on the pocket.

  1. Fresh Imported Sevruga Caviar:

This caviar is French by origin and is considered as being one of the best of its variety. It is priced at $8320 per 500 grams and is a must of the elite diners. Its full flavoured taste and smooth texture makes it one of the top luxury foods.

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