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Tom Selleck Net Worth (Actor), Salary 2017

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As of today Tom Selleck net worth is more that we expected, being an actor, his total net worth is of $45 million now. A turned down offer for a TV series became a blessing in disguise for the aspiring actor back in the late 70s. He was initially offered a leading role for an action themed TV series, but the coveted part went to another established actor. The role of a private investigator turned out to be a huge success and was followed closely by his millions of fans for more than eight years. Leading roles in movies came in between making this hit TV series. After his stint in made for TV movies, his most successful film was for a hit comedy in the late 80s and voice acting roles in an animated film.

Tom Selleck Net Worth $45 Million
NameThomas William Selleck
Source of Income Acting
Monthly Salary $160,000
Weekly Wages $40,000
Daily Income $5,700

Net Worth – $45 Million

Full Name: Thomas William Selleck

Annual Salary: $2 Million

Birth Date

Birthday29th of January 1945

Ethnicity: English, German

Height & Weight

Height and Weight

1.92 m / 6.2 feet

88 Kg



Wife: Jillie Mack

Ex Wife:Jacqueline Ray

The consummate actor who was born in Michigan eventually became a film producer.  His more than three decades of professional acting in Hollywood gave way to having his own production company and other business ventures outside of the industry.

He has more than 50 films and made for TV series where he played a variety of lead roles. He is known to play character roles of someone in authority like; a law enforcer, investigator, military officer, and a navy seals leader. One of his first jobs was to appear in a soft drink commercial back in 1967.

He supports every sports endeavor and owns a baseball franchise. When not making films, he is busy maintaining his own fruit farm and attends speaking engagements for the war veterans and other causes that he supports.

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