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Tony Horton Net Worth

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Well known fitness celebrity Tony Horton net worth is over $10 million, was baptized as Anthony Sawyer Horton Jr. on the 2nd July of 1958 in Connecticut. Besides physical training, his name also shines as an acclaimed author of a noteworthy bestselling series in fitness genre. He stands as a solo genius for his dexterous home workout regimen P90X.

Tony Horton Salary in 2016$0.7 Million
Source of IncomeTrainer
Total Net Worth$10 Million
Birthday Date2nd of July 1958
Monthly Income$58,000
Weekly Income$14,500
Daily Income$2,050

Net Worth – $10 Million

Full Name: Anthony Sawyer Horton Jr

Birth Date

2nd of July 1958

Ethnicity: White.

Height & Weight

1.80 m / 5.9 feet

62 kg


Wife: Shawna Brannon

Ex-Girlfriend: N/A

Tony Horton was born alongside two sisters in a Roman Catholic family to Anthony Sawyer Horton (Sr.). His father served the US Army for 3 years, which made the family migrate to different base camps. Coming of age, he was admitted to the University of Rhode Island, where the seed that brought him fame was planted. He savored the weightlifting classes and got vigorously passionate towards fitness. On the completion of his graduation, he moved to Southern California with a dream to pursue an acting career but submitted as a stand-up comedian and as a messenger at 20th Century Fox studio.

It was from the day that he never looked back in his life. In 1980s he started training personally. He collaborated to establish ASH fitness club in Santa Monica, where his first clients include Billy Idol, Bruce Springsteen, Stevie Nicks and many others.  Tony has also co-united with many fitness magazines that published his columns on healthy lifestyle. Eureka prospered all over numerous fitness groups on the arrival of Tony Horton’s breathtakingly marvellous fitness series P90X, followed by P90X2 and X3. This spark kindled a remarkable series of episodes that occupied his life with prosperity.

It is noted that his earning marks a sum of 10 million US dollars that is remarkably fascinating. He also featured in couple of TV programs that aware fitness consciousness to people. ‘Bring it’ and ‘The big picture’ are one of his many significant contributions in the field of literature. Tony is a world class speaker with his extraordinary fitness talent that has conquered many caring hearts. His popular TV show ‘Dr Oz. Show’ where he advised fitness, added another feather in his cap and upraised his perks to a higher stage. Tony is a socially active participant in GO campaign, which helps restructure distorted lives of vulnerable orphans.

His kindness does not stop there. Over past 20 years, by his exclusive marquee of humor, he has changed lives of over 8 million peoples across the globe by making them envision a timeline of nutritious, sturdy and disciplined life. Tony demands nothing from his disciples, but a firm commitment to lead a healthy lifestyle. He preaches to do your best, forgetting the rest.

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