Top 10 Most Expensive Swords in the World

Top 10 Most Expensive Swords in the World

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This updated list consist of 10 most expensive swords that is worth in million dollar. Check out their value, current market price and ranking today. Sword is actually the most historical and ancient weapon of the world. It was the Bronze Age when this particular deadlier weapon was invented. With the changing ages and changing metal, this weapon also came out with some distinctive features. It was the proudest thing for the kings of world history.

World Most Expensive Swords

Now we are going to discuss the most expensive swords of the world, these are finest in feature and texture and also in design.

Boateng Saber – $7.7 million

It is the most expensive sword of the world; it was created in the era of Qianlong. The design and the styles complete derived from that particular Chinese emperor.  This is made with three most expensive metal of the world, silver, copper and obviously gold with the more gracious Bao Tang in one side. The price of this beautiful sword is $7.7 million in current time. It was gone through by auction twice. It is actually a piece of jewel, which is very much exclusive. It is actually a Katana sword.

The Napoleon Bonaparte Sword – $6.5 million

This is the most high-end sword, which belongs from Napoleon Bonaparte, the first emperor of the France. He mostly used his pistol on the battlefield, but this specific piece was his favorite weapon, which he was used in the Marengo battle of Italy. The age of this sword is 200 years, it is pretty old but too much gorgeous. Gold is the main metal of this sword and the value of this is $6.5 million in current times.  This is a valuable national treasure of France.

Ulysses S. Grants Sword – $1.6 million

It is another masterpiece of swords, with a great historical value. Ulysses S. Grant is a person, who has used this marvelous sword. It was given by the people Kentucky when Ulysses was the Chief General of America. It is designed with 26 valuable diamonds and the price of this sword is $1.6 million.


This sword belongs to Charlemagne, the greatest ruler and the king of Frank.  The sword is beautifully sculpted with gold and diamonds. The design is too much heavy but classic. It is actually a full on the historical document and legendary piece of the sword. Because of its antique value, the price of the sword is too much high. You may find the reference to this sword in Bulfinch Mythology.

Indian Talwar Blade – $717,000

It is the sword of 17TH Century royal culture of India, which is designed with gold. This sword is actually belonging of the Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan.  It is one of the most gorgeous and expensive sword of the world history, which is made by European blade, sharp and rare too. The market value of this sword is $717,000.

Seven-brunched sword

It is a unique sword to add to this list. This is not a jewel and also not made for using it on the battlefield. This different kind of iron sword is made for ceremonial purposes, not for the battlefield. Shinto Priest Masatomo Kan has discovered the sword, the seven-branched swords in 1870.  It belongs to the Baekje Dynasty, the oldest kingdom of Korea. Due to its antique value, the price is pretty much of this sword but it is not for auction or public viewing. It is in the Isonokami Shrine in Japan.

Admiral Lord Nelson’s Sword – $2 million

The price is high of this sword because it belongs to the French Admiral Lord Nelson. It was discovered in the year of 2002 from a 200 years old box of Nelson’s best friend Alexander Davison. It was sold with nearly $2 million dollars in 2002.

Kamakura Katana

It is another high-quality and the high-value sword of the world. It is the sharpest and fine sword of the world. The price of the sword is $418,000.

1Boateng Saber$7.7 million
2The Napoleon Bonaparte Sword$6.5 million
3Admiral Lord Nelson’s Sword$ 2 million
4Ulysses S. Grants Sword$1.6 million
5Joyeuse –
6Indian Talwar Blade$ 717,800
7Seven-brunched sword –
8Kamakura Katna$ 418,000

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