Top 10 Richest Dentist in the World

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We all know that average Dentist makes good money, but what about the richest one? Here I have created a list of top 10 such professional who are earning in Million dollars. Do check out these top earner Dentist’s ranking based on their earning across the world today.

Dr. Dan Fischer

CEO and President of Ultradent is one of the richest dentists in the world. He turned his small home base company to a multimillion dollar dental product Corporation. Started his career as a common dentist, he becomes the owner of a fortune 500 company by developing the first tooth whitening agent. His net worth is approximate $ 1.1 Billion.

Dr. Richard Malouf

A booming dentist and entrepreneur is the founder & owner of All Smiles dental Clinics in all over America. It has almost 100 outlets in the USA. His net worth is in Billions, as he owns two private jets, a million dollar estate, lavish & expensive cars and much more. His net worth is approximate $ 1 Billion.

Dr. David Alameel

This Centennial Award winner and once democratic senatorial candidate of 2014 from Texas is one of the most innovative dentists in the world. His $ 900 million dollars worth empire comes from Chain of Dental clinics in America. Later on, he sold the business and become a successful investor and financial market expertise.

Dr. Clint Herzog

This famous & wealthy dentist is from South of Texas, went to San Antonio dental school for his dental degree. He is the creator of FLOSS concept where you will get a full Dental service. He has a franchise of FLOSS in almost all the states in the USA. His franchise is also growing worldwide with approximately 5 million dollars yearly revenue and his net worth approximately $ 100 million.

Emmet O’Neill

Without being a dentist himself he owns the largest Dentistry chain in Ireland Called Smile Dental for solving teeth problems.  Now it’s one of the World’s most acceptable and popular clinic opens daily. His net worth is almost $ 90 million.

Dr. Herman Ostrow

He is not only a good dentist but also a great-hearted person born & brought up in the LA Belvedere neighborhood. He got his Dental Surgery degree from USC back 1945. He served in US Army and did 17 years continuous practice as a successful dentist in LA.  Before passing away in 2011 at the age of 88, this great dentist & human being donate $ 35 million to the dental university where he studied and for which the USC change their name to Herman Ostrow School of Dentistry. His net worth was in Billion dollars.

Dr. Rick A. Kushner

The Founder, President, CEO, and CFO of Comfort Dental, the renowned & flourishing fair priced Franchise of the world.  He did his graduation from Marquette School of Dentistry. His net worth is approximate $ 35-40 million.

Dr. Robert E. Hamric

A graduate from dental school starts his practice back 1967 and a successful dental practitioner from Birmingham AL. His net worth is approximate $34 million.

Dr. William Dorfman

Born in 1958, USA, This famous cosmetic dentist knew as “America’s Dentist” is responsible for million dollar smiles to most of the Hollywood stars. This millionaire and famous dentist featured in ABC’s “Extreme Makeover” show, as well as in a Daytime talk show “The Doctors”. His net worth is approximate $ 10, Million.

Dr. Sam Saleh

He is the founder and owner of Ora Dentistry in LA. This London grew up got his Dental degree from King’s College London. He set up his dentistry facilitated with digital techniques like CAD-CAM system and also known as “Beverly Hills Cosmetic dentist”.  His net worth is approximate $5 Million.

RankDoctor’s NameNet Worth
1Dr. Dan Fischer$1.1 Billion
2Dr. Richard Malouf$1 Billion
3Dr. David Alameel$900 Million
4Dr. Clint Herzog$100 Million
5Emmet O’Neill$90 Million
6Dr. Herman Ostrow$35 Million
7Dr. Rick A. Kushner$35 Million
8Dr. Robert E. Hamric$34 Million
9Dr. William Dorfman$10Million
10 Dr. Sam Saleh$5 Million

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