Top 10 Richest Families in America (Updated 2017)

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Today I am sharing top 10 Richest Famlies in America whose earning is in Billion dollars updated in 2017 from Walton family, Koch family, Mars family and other 7. We all know that the America is one of the richest countries of the world. This country is a jamboree of rich people and also rich families. Here is a brief list of richest families of USA.

10 Richest Families in America

List of Wealthiest Family from United States

This list is built with the help of Forbes listing and we have extracted the top 10 such richest family from America.

Walton Family

Walton FamilyThis family has gained the topmost position in this list because of their big and huge fortune. It is very tough for a rich family to maintain the wealth for a long time, but this family did this job brilliantly.  Their current net worth is approx $130 billion, which is pretty enough to prove the amount of their wealth. They are the family who is engaged only in business and entrepreneur. They are the king of the retailer. The Wal-Mart is the famous retail brand of this family.

Koch Family

Koch FamilyThe Koch Industries is a big name of America, which is founded by the Frederick and William Koch, and fortune and success have been continues with the new generations of this family. The net worth of number two industry of America is $82 billion and they recently step forward with new business scheme of limited sugar added products.

Mars Family

Mars FamilyOn 1911, the brother-sister duo Jacqueline and John have started a successful candy business and the tradition of that is continued by the next generations. Mars Inc. is a popular brand of America and net worth of this family is near $78 billion

Cargill-Macmillan family

Cargill-Macmillan familyCargill Inc is actually the jack of all trades. This company has the multi types of products, from finance to household to agriculture, they move everywhere with the same level of success and has made a huge fortune of $49 billion.

Cox Family

Cox FamilyThey have continued the success story since 1898 and they have chosen the most happening genre of business, the media. From newspaper to cable television, they have the same success rate on every business and now in the other automotive technologies. The net worth of this family is now approx $41 billion

S.C Johnson

S.C JohnsonS.C Johnson has worldwide recognition. They successfully run a cleaning product business from a decade and it has given them the opportunity to make a fortune of $30 billion. Ziploc, Glade, pledge, these are some popular name of the business world.

Pritzker Family

Pritzker familyThis Chicago-based family is the creator of The Hyatt Hotel Clan, which have more and more branches all over the world. They also have a big investment business too. Their net turnover of wealth is $29 billion. The family members of this rich family have also invested their money individually in another sector like producing the movies.

EdwardJohnson family

Edward Johnson familyThis Boston-based money Management Company was founded by Edward Johnson and now it is the third generation of this family, and the success level has touched the height and has made a fortune of $28 billion. As a company of mutual fund, it efficiently grabs the second position.

Hearst Family

Hearst FamilyHearst Corporation of New York was founded in 1887 and their media-related ventures have conquered the heart of the world with an endless success. This family net worth is $28 billion. They have the branches all over the world and employee number is also very envying.

Duncan Family

Duncan FamilyThis is also one of the richest families of America. They have their own big pipelines business chain, which is truly popular all over the world and success of their business is running away with the changing generations.  This family lives in Houston and their business set up is also there and has a net worth of $22 billion

Ranking Family Name Net Worth
Walton Family $130 Billion
Koch Family $80 Billion
Mars Family $78 Billion
Cargill-Macmillan Family $49 Billion
Cox Family $41 Billion
S.C Johnson $30 Billion
Pritzker Family $29 Billion
Edward Johnson Family $28 Billion
Hearst Family $28 Billion
10 Duncan Family $22 Billion

In case if you know any other such richest family form America then do let me know by leaving your prestigious comment below.

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