Top 10 Richest Nfl Players
Top 10 Richest Nfl Players

Top 10 Richest NFL Players of 2017

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Wanted to know about richest NFL players who are counted among the top 10 in 2017? Check out our updated list from 1st to 10th position. The National Football League is a standout amongst the most popular and unsafe sport in the world. It is a physical game where the league players are prone to head and body injury. Medical cases usually range from amnesia, disability, and clinical depression. But why are the NFL players so into the game despite the health risks involved? A few of the reasons are as follows; public acclaim, the cheers of the roaring crowd, the intensity of the game, and the huge pay check offered by the wealthy league owner to every dedicated and excellent NFL star player.

Top 10 Richest NFL Players

Top 10 Richest NFL Players

Here are the names of the Top 10 richest NFL players of 2017 based on their gross net worth:

Roger Staubach – $600 Million

Roger StaubachAs the former quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys, Staubach rose to fame for being a two-time Superbowl champ and having the most endorsements during the peak of his supremacy. A career that spans for more than four decades in the football league, Roger’s enormous wealth began accumulating as far back as 1977. His huge pay check from the league enabled him to invest in real estate, which landed him the top spot as the highest earning NFL player ever.

Peyton Manning – $165 Million

Peyton ManningHe gained prominent status for holding the most records in NFL history, and for this reason Manning has been very much remunerated. Proof of this was his last two league contract deals that went as far as $90 million. The second of those came when he marked with the Denver Broncos for $96 million, one year expelled from a genuine and vocation undermining neck injury. He also has an annual net income of $12 Million dollars alone for his brand endorsements and food franchise business all around Denver City.

John Elway – $145 Million

John ElwayAfter winning the best quarterback title for two consecutive years (97 and 98), Elway’s value increased. This gave him enough money to invest on a variety of business ventures and eventually getting hired as the league’s team manager.

Tom Brady – $120 Million

Tom BradyA consistent top pick in the NFL Draft, Tom Brady deserves all the accolades and his stable status as the NFL’s star player. Leading the New England Patriots league into its fourth Superbowl championship position gained more fans, merchandise ventures, and brand endorsements in his favor.

Brett Favre – $100 Million

Brett FavrePart of his income and net worth value came from having numerous record holds, completions, and interceptions in his over 19 years of being in the league. Unfortunately, despite his huge income and investments, he is now suffering from amnesia.

Eli Manning – $80 Million

Eli ManningEli may have not share equal position when it comes to net income with his famous NFL star brother, but his record of touchdown passes (2011) is something that is worth emulating him for.

Joe Montana – $80 Million

Joe MontanaHe is the man responsible for making the 49ers lead in the 80s. He also has the most record of Superbowl MVP awards tucked under his belt; 3 in total.

Walter Jones – $65 Million

Walter JonesJones plays an important position being the first face placed on the offensive (left tackle). He is also credited for leading the Seahawks in all their battles.

Jerry Rice – $55 Million

Jerry RiceThe fruits of his twenty year career in the league and world record holds in football made him land on this list of the richest NFL players.

Carson Palmer – $50 Million

Carson PalmerAlthough he is not a star quarterback, Carson had his share of victory when he blazed the trail for his league (Bengals) to their first victory after a 15 year loss.

Serial NFL Player Name Total Net Worth
Roger Staubach $600 Million
Peyton Manning $165 Million
John Elway $145 Million
Tom Brady $120 Million
Brett Favre $100 Million
Eli Manning $80 Million
Joe Montana $80 Million
Walter Jones $65 Million
Jerry Rice $55 Million
10 Carson Palmer $50 Million

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