Top 10 Richest Singers in the World – 2017 List

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The United States of America has stayed home to many talented singers. Although, the singers have become fabulously rich, they have always stayed committed to their fans. The celebrities have forever given chart-buster songs to their crazy admirers. The songs have inspired people all over the world to live happily as those motivate them to live despite hurdles.


World’s Top 10 Richest Singer

Let’s know about the top 10 most successful singers in United States of America.


MadonnaAmong female singers, she has highest number of fans with a net-worth of around $800 million dollars. Her singles and albums are simply timeless as those have forever remained the favorites of millions of her fans across the globe. As she hails Bay City of Michigan, she fought her way in the ladder of success to become the best female voice in the world. Besides singing, she has also acted in different films and directed and produced movies. Besides this, she has secured a very high place in the world of fashion business.

Mariah Carey

Mariah CareyMariah Carey has a lot of reputation for her beauty and wonderful voice.  Hailing from long Island, New York, she is also an actress and popular producer of record. Her singles have always stayed popular on Billboard charts, almost 200 million records were sold throughout the world. Her personal net worth is 510 million dollars


BeyonceA resident of Houston, Beyonce is a gifted singer and song-writer. Being an actress and seasoned dancer, she is a popular celebrity in United States of America. So far, she has won six Grammy awards. Her personal net worth is $450 million

Jimmy Buffet

Jimmy BuffetThe songs of Jimmy Buffet carry humor as well as valuable life lessons. He has stayed the esteemed American singer and song-writer with worldwide fans following. In his career, he has produced a number of hit and successful songs and got a number of awards for them. His personal net-worth is 400 million dollars

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer LopezAs she has three rare qualities rolled in her character; she is a producer, dancer, and fashion designer. Being a noted actress, the leader in her late forties, she has become a role model for the entertainment industry. As she started with a small role in the film My Little Girl, she achieved name and fame in her subsequent film In Living Color. Her net worth is 300 million dollars


PrincePrince Roger Nelson, popular as Prince, is very popular for his award-winning songs.  He is a top song writer in the industry.  The fifty-six year old Prince has to his credit 40 singles and 10 Platinum albums. His net-worth is 300 million dollars

Bruce Springsteen

Bruce SpringsteenThis highly popular American singer began his career in 1970. As he got reputation with his E Street Band Hosting and concerts in America and outside of it, he has sold around 64 million albums in the entire world. He is actually from New Jersey and his net worth is 300 million dollars

David John Matthews

David John MatthewsThe African-American singer, popular as David John Matthews, is a highly popular singer and song-writer. Although, he began at a very early age, he has received two Grammy awards and opportunities to act in different films. His net worth is 250 million dollars

Lionel Richie

Lionel RichieLionel Brickman Richie Jr. is a very popular American singer and song writer from Alabama of United States. As a prominent record producer, actor, and motivational speaker, he has secured an unbeatable position as a record of 100 million albums were sold all-over the world. He is the ninth richest singer in the globe with a net-worth of 200 million dollars

Bob Dylan

Bob DylanBob Dylan comes at the 10th place in the list of rich singers. As he hails from Duluth in Minnesota of United States, he got unprecedented success for most of songs in the early sixties. Besides this, he is also very successful publisher of books in painting, which were exhibited in and outside of America. His net worth is 180 million dollars


Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga top singerOops, here is the update, how can we forget about Lady Gaga. As per the recent calculation in 2017, the net worth of Lady Gaga is $275  million that authorized her to listed under top 10 richest singers in the world.  She did it within 29 year of her age which seems like impossible for any other celebrities, but that’s the truth.

Sr.No. Singer Name Total Net Worth
Madonna  $800 Million
Mariah Carey $510 Million
Beyonce $450 Million
Jimmy Buffet $450 Million
Jennifer Lopez $300 Million
Prince $300 Million
Bruce Springsteen $300 Million
Lady Gaga $275 Million
David John Matthews $250 Million
10 Lionel Richie $200 Million
11 Bob Dylan $180 Million

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