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Tyler Blevins Net Worth, Wiki, Age, and Wife

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Young internet personality Tyler Blevins has a an estimated net worth of $2 million in 2018. Born on 05 June 1991, better known as Ninja on Twitch, find his wiki, height, source of income, girlfriend turned wife name, family backgrounds and facts info. NINJA! Yeah! That’s how he is known.  He is very well known for a being an eSports player and quite magnificently, he possess magical skills when it comes to gaming. The nickname he has got comes from the Twitch community, where he is the streamer. And in the recent past, his popularity level has really been sky high. He was a professional gamer before he began streaming. Quite recently he has been part of the popular game FORTNITE, playing with Drake and Travis Scott. And it seems no brainer that he has excelled in this game too! Streaming seems to be his ultimate passion and he lives up to his potential quite well. Tyler currently lives in Grayslake with his wife Jessica  and two pet dogs.

Full NameRichard Tyler Blevins
Birth DateJune 05, 1991
Height5’9” / 1.79 m
ParentsUnder Review
Net Worth$2 Million
Source of IncomeTwitch Star
Annual Salary$500 Thousand
WifeJessica Goch

He started playing Halo 3 back in 2009 and became part of many teams like Cloud9, Renegades and few others. Before switching onto Twitch.tv, he streamed for Justin.tv. With Steam, he began playing H1Z1 and then moved on to Battlegrounds when it also came to Steam’s program. As a halo player, he joined LUMINOSITY GAMING last year and then moved to Battlegrounds. He dominated the oppositions by the idiosyncratic use of his skills, usage in impulse grenades that decimates the competitor.

He teamed up with Drake to host FORTNITE in the show streamed on Twitch. He is a renowned figure in all the social media platforms and is truly an inspiration to all the gamers out there! His channel’s popularity has seen an exponential rise and sees him in the top 10 ranks amongst the steams of the channel.  Do check out other web personalities like Morberplz, and KneeColeslaw’s detail here.

We find this superstar’s net worth to be somewhat around $2 Million US Dollars. The sources of this huge income include his hugely popular channel and his sumptuous gaming skills. He is a master of the game HALO and makes easy money winning games at will.

After dating Jessica for a few years, Tyler Blevins decided to maary in August, 2017 and this cute couple work together and prove to be so compassionate. He has a staggering 5 million subscribers on YouTube and this American born personality works for charity as well.

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