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Vernon Adkison Net Worth – Wiki, Age, and Family

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Vernon Adkison appeared in Bering Sea Gold, Discovery tv show. Find out his wiki from net worth, age, height, family, children and facts. Vernon Adkison is also a Wild Ranger, appeared on this show along with her daughter. He is a professional gold miner who came under public scrutiny as a member of a reality tv show on Discovery Channel, named ‘Bering Sea Gold’. Vernon is currently working as a part-time pilot on the ship ‘Wild Ranger’ which works on gold mining projects in an around the Nome region in Alaska.

NameVernon Adkison
ParentsLaurie and Glen Steininger
Net Worth$2 Million
Source of IncomeGold miner
Annual Salary$500,000
ChildrenElaine Adkison (daughter)
WifeUnder Review

Hailing from the southern states of United States, Vernon Adkison joined in the business of gold mining because of the immense wealth that it promised. However, Vernon’s claim to fame was his appearance on television as a reality star, when he joined the cast of ‘Bering Sea Gold’, a reality television series by Discovery Channel. In the show, Vernon and his family are often seen engaged in a search for undiscovered gold mines in the seabed of Alaska. In the course of the show, the members of the cast often interact with the audience, talking about the various processes involved in gold mining.

Pragmatic and prudent gold miner Vernon Adkison net worth is now $2 million, while his yearly salary is about $500 thousand.

In the show ‘Bering Sea Gold’, Vernon Adkison is the owner as well as a part-time pilot of the ship called ‘Wild Ranger’. Vernon wishes to introduce new technology and equipment in the business of underwater mining, for which he has purchased a bottom crawler worth 250 thousand dollars. Vernon, who has invested all of his monetary resources in the business of gold mining, expects to recover his investments in the new season for mining, as the show has been renewed for a fourth season in 2017. Other cast member of this show like Shawn Pomrenke and Steve Pomrenke are also seen along with him.

Vernon Adkison prefers to keep his family life away from the attention of the media, although his daughter, Elaine Adkison is also a part of the cast of the Discovery Channel reality tv show ‘Bering Sea Gold’. Vernon’s relationship with daughter Elaine may be described as troubled, as they have often had their differences, both on and off screen. Vernon Adkison shares a lot of character traits with his daughter Elaine, which often causes disagreement between the two. Not unlike Vernon, Elaine Adkison is also involved in the business of gold mining and has indicated that she would remain in the business in the foreseeable future.

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