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Victoria Beckham Net Worth

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Victoria Beckham’s Net Worth is estimated to be $300 million.

Victoria Beckham, famously known as Posh Spice, has donned many hats. She’s been a British singer, Actress, Fashion Designer, Model, Businesswoman and recently, a Philanthropist. While she has successfully ventured into so many things, she’s has gained the most amount of popularity for being a member of Spice Girls and for also being the wife of the famous and most gorgeous footballer, David Beckham. However, she’s time and again proved that she’s no more a WAG and there’s a lot of substance and logic behind those good looks. She’s come out of the shadow of being the wife of one of the most famous footballers quite commendably.

Net Worth – $300 Million

Full Name: Victoria Caroline Beckham

Birth Date

17th of April 1974

Ethnicity: English and German

Height & Weight

1.63 m / 5.4 feet

49 kg


Husband: David Beckham

Children: Brooklyn Beckham, Harper Seven Beckham, Romeo James Beckham and Cruz David Beckham

Today, her net wealth alone stands at par with that of her footballer husband if not more. Looking at the former Spice Girls’ line of ventures, it is of no surprise that her total wealth today stands at a staggering $300 million, which is all set to increase astoundingly after the launch of her new store in Mayfair. No wonder she was named as UK’s ‘Most Successful Entrepreneur of 2014’, while being awarded ‘Woman of the Year’ also, which only goes to show her success at handling multiple careers. Victoria was the winner of the top spot because of her extremely fine business acumen, which could be observed in her firm’s turnover, which grew by 2900% in the last five years, the number of jobs she created and her overall estimated net worth. Apart from that, the collection in her stores have increasingly caught eyes of some of the biggest stars like Oprah Winfrey and Kate Winslet, who have sworn by her dresses, with the latest addition in the clientele being The Duchess of Cambridge herself. Not only that, she’s also been critically acclaimed for her fashion collection from time to time, all adding to her wealth and the Brand Beckham.

Her growth trajectory has been pretty impressive so much so that she’s contributed significantly to the Beckham family surpassing Queen Elizabeth II in their overall worth, and thus becoming the wealthiest family in England today. Apart from earnings from Spice Girls and her fashion stores, her being an author has also added to her fortune. Her Autobiography, Learning to Fly, and some other Style and Fashion books authored by her have been bestsellers.

Full NameVictoria Caroline Beckham
Victoria Beckham Net Worth$300 Million
Source of IncomeBusiness and Singing
Monthly Income$2 Million
Weekly Income$0.5 Million
Daily Income$71,000

Having achieved so much, Victoria Beckham certainly deserves all plaudits being thrown her way for she has achieved and made everything from scratch and in no way should her husband’s success and stature affect her entrepreneurial status or her business acumen.

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