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Russian model Viki Odintcova shared her wiki from height, age, net worth, measurements, source of income, family, boyfriend name to modeling career. She is yet another model carving her name in being one of the most followed on social networking sites. She is a media influencer and her name has been recently highlighted as negatively influencing millions of followers with her death defying stunts, photographed and uploaded on multiple online profiles.

Full NameViki Odintcova
Birth DateNovember 15,1994
Height5.7 feet / 1.73 m
Net WorthUnder Review
Source Of EarningModel
Annual SalaryUnder Review

Odintcova was born on 1993 in Saint Petersburg. She is currently 23 years old and is a Russian by nationality. From childhood she has aspired to become a model and lived her dreams when she actually took up the profession. Odintcova currently is a supermodel and is signed by Marvin Studios. Apart from modeling, Odintcova found worldwide fame through her Instagram profile with 3.9 million followers showering oodles of love for her super sexy figure and extreme good looks.

Odintcova has around 700 posts on her profile featuring bets of her photo shoot pictures clad in skimpy swimsuits. Her voluptuous bronzed body is an asset which Odintcova boasts in her pictures. She is mostly seen almost nude and exposing most parts of her body for which she came into instant notice. Each of her post is flooded with hundreds of comments and thousands of likes all across the world. Her profile picture itself shows her perfectly shaped bare gluteus which speaks how bold and beautiful she is.

In spite of her popularity, Odintcova did not leave any stone unturned to come into quick limelight. She was criticized for her dare devil act in Dubai. She faced a lot of defame when she uploaded videos and pictures of her risky act. Odintcova was seen dangling on the edge of a high-rise in Dubai just holding onto a man’s hand. She had no safety measures and easily could have risked her as well as others life. Her publicity stunt was much talked about and she was ashamed for her un-mindful act. Many had to state that she risked the lives of millions of people by propagating such videos and influencing them. Unmindful or not, Odintcova made her mark both as a stunner as well as a dare devil.

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