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Werner Muerz is a property investor whose biography tells about his height, age, net worth and wife detail. He is the husband of Victoria who is a famous singer.  Werner Muerz rose to prominence when he married the crystal heiress Victoria Swarovski in Italy. Their grand wedding took place in the Cathedral of San Giusto in the beautiful city of Trieste. Werner Muerz was dating his sweetheart Victoria for the past seven years and they finally tied the knot in a lavish manner. Their extravagant wedding ceremony made headlines and created wedding goals for the soon-to-be-marriedbrides and grooms.

Werner Muerz is a property investor who is best-known for being the husband of his 23-year-old pop-star wife Victoria Swarovski who is an heiress to the Swarovski crystal empire. Victoria’s over-the-top crystal embedded wedding gown simply became the talk of the town due to its stunning length and weight. The gorgeous white gown had 500,000 crystals and weighed around 46kg. The estimated cost of the gown is more than 1 million dollar.

Althought the exact net worth of Werner Muerz is not known however estimated around a million dollar.

There is no information regarding Werner Muerz, his early life, career and family history. However he more like an entrepreneur. All we get to know about him is that he is a property investor and now the husband of the beautiful crystal heiress Victoria Swarovski who inherits a huge fortune. Their luxurious wedding and honeymoon has given a new definition to luxury. They are leading a sumptuous life after the fairytale wedding. The social media sensation Victoria has shared some of her pictures which can really make people envious.

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