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Willie Edwards appeared in Swamp People show revealed his wiki from net worth, age, girlfriend turned wife, source of wealth, family, facts and more. If you are a fan of drama based reality shows, Swamp People is just the right destination for you. The 8 seasons and still strong show on History TV follows the everyday activities of Louisiana natives living in the swamps of the Atchafalaya river basin. These natives, stars in their own right hunt American alligators for a living. In the Bayou Sorrel region of Louisiana lives William ‘Willie’ Edwards, a member of the principal castoff the show. Willie is the son of former veteran cast member Junior Edwards and his wife Theresa.

Full NameWillie Edwards
Birth DateUnder Review
Net Worth$500,000
Source of IncomeReality Star
Annual Salary$200,000

Till season 6, until his father left the show, Willie used to be his hunting partner. A hunter to the core, Willie has manned his own boat few times in season 2. After splitting with his father in Season 3, Willie now hunts with his younger brother; Randy Edwards now become a formidable duo in the Louisiana waters. His special skill is his mastery in Treble Hooking through which he aces most of the kills.  Willie has already acquired all the necessary skills to be a good hunter, but still he has to brush them up to be as good as his father. Junior and Willie do a lot of the things that the other hunters do like selecting the right baits for their hunting, selecting the appropriate locations and depth for hunting and working hard from before dawn until after dusk; but, they also employ the technique of the hand-thrown treble hook as mentioned earlier.  The Season one of the show featured Junior and Willie preparing self made gator hooks by melting down lead and pouring it into a bundle of hooks in a pipe. Since then, Willie has been using the same hook for hunting gators.

Willie seen with other folks on Swamp People show including Jay Paul and Liz Cavalier who became celeb in United States. As per the recent estimates of 2018, Willie Edwards estimated net worth is 500,000 dollars.

It seems that Willie is currently busy passing on the tips and tricks of their family tradition of gator hunting to his children. As hard and challenging it might sound, Willie went on to successfully file 96 tags and is looking forward to expand his business this season. However if he successfully gets the winning alligator, he can easily exceed in terms of number of tags. With 150 tags, solo hunting will definitely be more challenging for Willie.

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