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The man behind Bering Sea Gold, Zeke Tenhoff’s net worth is now $125,000 after becoming a TV star. Check his wiki, girlfriend name, family and earning. Zeke Tenhoff is an American professional diver and a gold digger at the sea. He is popular for being casted on international reality television series. His estimated net worth is $125,000!

NameZeke Tenhoff
Birth Date1987
Net Worth$125,000
Source of IncomeGold Digger
Annual Salary$90,000
Monthly Income$7,500
Ex-GirlfriendEmily Riedel

Ezekial shortened as Zeke Tenhoff was born and brought up in Alaska. He was majorly home-schooled and had eccentric parents. From the age of 20 years, Tenhoff started his own business in scouring gold. He ventured into the Bearing Sea with his dredge named The Clark. He offered a job to his good friend Emily Reidel as a greenhorn and worked together. Tenhoof had yet another vessel named The Edge which Emily bought and renamed as The Eroica which she is currently the captain.

While working as a gold digger, Tenhoff and his crew was approached by the Discovery Network to put up a reality television series name Bearing Sea Gold and Bearing Sea Gold: Under The Ice. The show revolved around the lives of these gold miner as well as other water gold miners in Nome, Alaska. He is seen on television as an expert diver and a skilled prospector.

Also check out the net worth of Shawn Pomrenke who appeared on Bering Sea Gold with Zeke.

Tenhoff went through a lot of rough patches with her friend and girlfriend Emily as well as his partner Glen LaBaron. Both Glen and Emily parted ways and purchased their own dredging vessels which are also followed in the same show. Even after an unsuccessful season and emotional turmoil, Tenhoof hangs on to his profession and dives with great energy in search of new plaster gold.

Tenhoff went into a state of depression and substance abuse with his best friend John Bunce’s suicidal episode. He remained aloof, depressed and heavily dependent on substance initially but gradually came to terms with reality. During this rough phase he drifted off in his dredge to New Orleans accidentally and came across Sarah Dunn, his present love and girlfriend. He found new hope and faith to start afresh. Tenhoff has even purchased Emily’s father’s bus which he plans to turn into a mobile food truck for her girlfriend who is into food business. He fell head over heels for Sarah and planned to stay back in New Orleans but things turned to be better when Sarah shifted base to Nome to support him. Tenhoff is nicknamed as Gold Rush Alaska and is currently running his expedition for Blue Water Gold Company located in Texas.

So it’s confirmed that Zeke Tenhoff net worth is $1.25 million and hopefully it will keep growing.

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