Celebrities Born in 1958 – List of Famous People

Updated list of famous people born in 1958 that includes actors, singers, athlete, politicians etc. Have a look to these celebrities born in 1958, including birthday, nationality and other detail.

Famous people born in 1958

Photo Name DOB Nationality
Linda Kozlowski Linda Kozlowski Tuesday, January 07, 1958 American
Ellen DeGeneres Sunday, January 26, 1958 American
Tim Kaine Net Worth Tim Kaine Wednesday, February 26, 1958 American
Sharon Stone Sharon Stone Monday, March 10, 1958 American
Amy Pascal popular business executive Amy Pascal Tuesday, March 25, 1958 American
Kari Wuhrer Kari Wuhrer Tuesday, May 13, 1958 American
Darrell Sheets Darrell Sheets Tuesday, May 13, 1958 ‎American
Ron Simmons Thursday, May 15, 1958 American
Maribel Guardia Maribel Guardia Thursday, May 29, 1958 Costa Rican
Tony Horton showing his muscles Tony Horton Wednesday, July 02, 1958 American
Tim Burton Tim Burton Monday, August 25, 1958 American
Scott Hamilton Scott Hamilton Thursday, August 28, 1958 American
Joan Jett Joan Jett Monday, September 22, 1958 American
Billy Mays Billy Mays Sunday, July 20, 1958 American
Louie Giglio Louie Giglio Monday, June 30,  1958 American
Joan Severance Joan Severance Tuesday, December 23, 1958 American
Prince Rogers Nelson Prince Rogers Nelson Saturday, June 7, 1958 American
Drew Carey Drew Carey Friday, May 23, 1958 American
Garth Fisher Garth Fisher Monday, September 1, 1958 American
Steve Madden Steve Madden 1958 American
Michael Jackson Michael Jackson Friday, August 29, 1958 American
Madonna Madonna Saturday, August 16, 1958 American
Peter Capaldi Peter Capaldi Monday, April 14, 1958 Scottish
Alec Baldwin Alec Baldwin Thursday, April 3, 1958 American
Marg Helgenberger Marg Helgenberger Sunday, November 16, 1958 American
Angela Bassett Angela Bassett Saturday, August 16, 1958 American
Gary Oldman Gary Oldman Friday, March 21, 1958 British
Mark Cuban Mark Cuban Thursday, July 31, 1958 American
Jamie Lee Curtis Jamie Lee Curtis Saturday, November 22, 1958 American
Michelle Pfeiffer Michelle Pfeiffer Tuesday, April 29, 1958 American

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