Celebrities Born in 1958 – List of Famous People

Updated list of famous people born in 1958 that includes actors, singers, athlete, politicians etc. Have a look to these celebrities born in 1958, including birthday, nationality and other detail.

Famous people born in 1958

Linda KozlowskiTuesday, January 07, 1958American
Ellen DeGeneresSunday, January 26, 1958American
Tim KaineWednesday, February 26, 1958American
Sharon StoneMonday, March 10, 1958American
Amy PascalTuesday, March 25, 1958American
Kari WuhrerTuesday, May 13, 1958American
Darrell SheetsTuesday, May 13, 1958‎American
Ron SimmonsThursday, May 15, 1958American
Maribel GuardiaThursday, May 29, 1958Costa Rican
Tony HortonWednesday, July 02, 1958American
Tim BurtonMonday, August 25, 1958American
Scott HamiltonThursday, August 28, 1958American
Joan JettMonday, September 22, 1958American
Billy MaysSunday, July 20, 1958American
Louie GiglioMonday, June 30,  1958American
Joan SeveranceTuesday, December 23, 1958American
Prince Rogers NelsonSaturday, June 7, 1958American
Drew CareyFriday, May 23, 1958American
Garth FisherMonday, September 1, 1958American
Steve Madden1958American
Michael JacksonFriday, August 29, 1958American
MadonnaSaturday, August 16, 1958American
Peter CapaldiMonday, April 14, 1958Scottish
Alec BaldwinThursday, April 3, 1958American
Marg HelgenbergerSunday, November 16, 1958American
Angela BassettSaturday, August 16, 1958American
Gary OldmanFriday, March 21, 1958British
Mark CubanThursday, July 31, 1958American
Jamie Lee CurtisSaturday, November 22, 1958American
Michelle PfeifferTuesday, April 29, 1958American



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