Famous Celebrities Born in 2002

A full list of famous celebrities who was born in 2002. This include world most well known actor, actresses, singer, YouTube personality and many other. They may be young but they are sky rocketing with their talent. From rich video content to intense music these young teenagers have all the energy and power to rock the world. These famous teenagers are bold, confident and have the knack to go off track to showcase their talent. Jake Warden is a bold 15 year old spiky haired boy who has dared to go for several videos on makeup tutorial for boys which have made him an internet personality almost in no time.

The 2002 born celebrities are blessed with attractive looks which adds to their overall popularity. Although famous these new stars stay grounded to their roots and have a simple approach towards life. They are incredible actors, dancers, singers and creative geniuses for which they are being praised with millions of followers on social networking platforms. Do check other famous actresses born in 1987 and famous actresses born in 1990 here in detail.

Their profiles are packed with likes and comments and have a great influence on the everyday lives of people following them closely. The voice over artists and Vloggers immerse the audience with their rich vibrant pieces and even behind the scenes the young ones have won a million hearts and counting. Here are few of the most popular teenagers shining in glory of their fame

PhotoNameBirth DateNationality
Loren GrayApril 19American
Lisa MantlerJune 17American
Weston KouryJanuary 7American
Kyle Red SilversteinMay 21American
Gaten MatarazzoSeptember 8American
Jacob SartoriusOctober 2American
Joey BirlemMay 29American
Isaak PresleyJune 16American
Brennan DonnellyNovember 3American
Charles GitnickApril 3American
Ivey MeeksApril 3American
Madison HuJune 2American
Oona LaurenceAugust 1American
Maddie ZieglerSeptember 30American
Skai JacksonApril 8American
Miles BakshiDecember 19American
Johnny SequoyahOctober 25American
Nikki HahnNovember 13American
Lewis MacDougallJune 5Scottish
Jessica BelkinMay 16American
Brandon RowlandSeptember 4American
Lena MantlerJune 17German
Marcus GunnarsenFebruary 21Norwegian
Madisyn ShipmanNovember 20American
Romeo BeckhamSeptember 1British
Kendall VertesDecember 9American
Michael CampionJuly 26American
Bella RobertsonSeptember 16American
Chase MatthewNovember 25American
Gracie HaschakApril 7American
Harvey MillsDecember 31English
Jack John Christopher Depp IIIApril 9American
Jalen BrooksJanuary 13American
Jenna OrtegaSeptember 27American
Jonah KittiesMamaJune 6American
Kamri Noel McKnightDecember 27American
Kenneth San JoseApril 10American
Madison LewisDecember 24American
Martinus GunnarsenFebruary 21Norwegian
Sasha MorgaAugust 12American
Ava Michelle CotaApril 10American
Cody VeithSeptember 22American
Max MillsDecember 31British
Soni Nicole BringasFebruary 2American
River BleuJanuary 2American



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