Celebrities Gambling in Vegas

Celebrities Gambling in Vegas

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Celebrities Who Gambled a Fortune in Las Vegas

It is a well-known fact that celebrities love going to Las Vegas. They love to gamble and to spend time in the best casinos in Nevada, some of them even made a real fortune. Hollywood actors and sport superstars, famous singers, etc can hardly resist the city lights. They can afford themselves to play for larger stakes and win big time in blackjack games and poker games, betting on sports – the most interesting games between vegas celebrities. The chances are big to spot celebrity appearances if you go to Las Vegas, so watch out. These are the top five vegas celebrities that made some real money in the best casinos in history of gambling:

1. Ben Affleck – Ben is also known as a vegas celebrity whose favorite casino game is Blackjack. He once publicly said that he played this game so much that it’s easy for him to count the cards and win a lot of money. He was banned from the Hard Rock Casino after winning almost a million dollars.

2. Shannon Elizabeth – Shannon is a living proof that not only boys can gamble and make a fortune, but girls can do it too. She is the best known female vegas celebrity and her passion is poker. Apparently, she is an excellent player.

3. Toby McGuire – Toby is the biggest vegas celebrity winner in poker games of all time. He started from underground rings to the biggest casinos in Vegas. He is well known by winning more than 50 thousand dollars in one night.

4. Michael Phelps – He is an Olympic gold medal winner, but also a marathon gambler on the poker table. Michael is a vegas celebrity that dropped several hundreds and thousands of dollars in the Vegas casinos. His

5. Charlie Sheen – Charlie is a casino lover and he and his ex-wife were spending 20,000 dollars in a week. He is a vegas celebrity who was betting on sport events.

Top 5 Celeb Hotspots in Las Vegas

Celebrities have the wealth to turn their successful gambling sessions into huge profits. And Vegas knows how to make all its visitors feel like celebrities, even those who aren’t. Vegas is the perfect city for celebrity spotting. Let’s see where do the famous people like to have fun in the city of lights:

1. Nobu at Ceasars Palace – Highly reputed hot spot and sophisticated restaurant where celebrities go for a drink or to eat.

2. Tao Night club at Venetian – A lush Asian inspired night club where all the celebrities have their celebrations and shows, often throw parties and invite more famous people.

3. Drift Spa at the Palms Casino Resort – An amazing destination where celebrities go to relax.

4. Wet Republic at MGM Grand – One of the biggest pool parties in Vegas and celebrities very often host them.

5. Aurora at the Luxor – A venue that offers a unique experience with lights inspired by the real Aurora Borealis and celebrities adore it.

The glitz and glamour of Las Vegas casinos can’t be matched. But what’s so special about the City of Lights is that it offers something for everyone, even those looking for privacy but still fancy spinning the reel. Here are some of the secluded casino resorts celebrities prefer:

  1. The Mansion at MGM: It’s a huge mansion, a hidden gem, really, inside the busy MGM Grand. It’s definitely worth the visit, but if you’re currently in Canada, check the list of top-rated Vegas-style online casinos in Canada at https://www.online-casinos.ca/ for additional rewards and privacy in your own home.
  2. Caesars Palace: While the casino is an example of a vibrant one, the rooms are quiet and comfortable, with some of them facing the Bellagio Fountains.
  3. Wynn Las Vegas: And not to forget the resort with the quietest lobby, but one that still boasts a lively and luxurious casino floor with slots and traditional table games.

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