Celebrities Gambling in Vegas

Celebrities Gambling in Vegas

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If you have ever been to Vegas, then you might have spotted some Hollywood stars, superstar athletes, comedians, and other celebrated figures. The insatiable allure of The Strip gets even the superstars, and boy, do they enjoy a party in Vegas. A high-life ambiance, the best casino floors in the world, and the throbbing nightlife are among the aspects of Vegas that make it such an attraction. Casinos are the highlight, and in this piece, we look at the stars that have been to Vegas for the tables and slots. Read on as we find out which celebrities enjoy playing at Vegas the most and what they won or lost while playing.

The Attraction of Vegas for Celebrities

Vegas is attractive not only for its world-class casinos but also for its stunning luxury hotels, which have brought in over 40 million visitors in 2023 alone. Celebrity sightings happen every so often in the entertainment capital of the world. The stars always show up in Vegas because they perform there or shoot movies, but they are not always there for work. Vegas is also attractive to celebrities for parties and gourmet food. With celebrity chefs serving different cuisines in some of the best restaurants in the world, it is a no-brainer that the celebrities would come.

Exclusive access to nightspots like the Delilah Lounge and the VIP treatment that comes with it are other reasons the stars would choose to party in Vegas. Night clubs, high-roller lounges, and restaurants like these, known to be exclusive to billionaires and celebrities, are often the only places these kinds of people can hang out and have a good time without their fans mobbing them. In recent years, celebrities have been moving from Hollywood to Vegas. They are not only partying and playing in Vegas but also live there. Mark Walberg was among the most recent stars to move to Vegas. Being so close by, they can always pop in at their favorite joints when fans least expect it.

Celebrity culture has also changed Vegas with entertainment spots and resorts tailoring their services to the stars. It keeps them coming back, and some have even become their favorite spots. In addition, many rich and famous celebrities have a flair for casinos and are often seen enjoying the thrill of high-stakes gambling, even since the unveiling of the Strip. Stars who have become accustomed to crowds following them wherever they go find a place where they can disconnect from all of it when they come to Vegas.

Ben Affleck, Shannon Elizabeth, Toby McGuire and Michael Phelps

Celebrities Who Gambled a Fortune in Las Vegas

  1. Ben Affleck – Ben is also known as a Vegas celebrity whose favorite casino game is Blackjack. He once publicly said that he played this game so much that it was easy for him to count the cards and win a lot of money. He was banned from the Hard Rock Casino after winning almost a million dollars. Even though the Hollywood funnyman may have been banned from the Hard Rock Hotel, he was recently spotted at the Wynn Resort and Casino. The actor has since billed himself as ‘a problem for blackjack tables.’
  2. Shannon Elizabeth – Shannon is living proof that not only boys can gamble and make a fortune, but girls can do it too. She is the best-known female Vegas celebrity, and her passion is poker. Apparently, she is an excellent player. Shannon Elizabeth has even gone on record stating her love for poker and calling it her second career. In proving just how good she is at poker, Shannon Elizabeth has won as much as $125,000 in a single poker game. The actress may not rank among the top 5 richest Hollywood stars, but she does supplement her earnings quite well with her wins.
  3. Toby McGuire – Toby is the biggest Vegas celebrity winner in poker games of all time. He started from underground rings to the biggest casinos in Vegas. He is well known for winning more than 50 thousand dollars in one night. Tobby Maguire may be good at a high-stakes poker game, but this has landed him in hot soup before. In 2006, a group of investors sued him after he won $400,000 from a hedge fund manager entrusted with their funds. He is clearly not the poker player to go against.
  4. Michael Phelps – He is an Olympic gold medal winner but also a marathon gambler on the poker table. Michael is a Vegas celebrity that dropped several hundreds and thousands of dollars in the Vegas casinos. Phelps is known for his love for poker. While reports claimed that he once won $100,000 in a single night, he later dispelled these claims on a Twitter post, wishing he actually had won the amount.
  5. Charlie Sheen – Charlie is a casino lover, and he and his ex-wife were spending 20,000 dollars in a week. He is a Vegas celebrity who was betting on sports events. His betting addiction is reported to be among the main reasons for his divorce. Sheen is reported to go into raging fits after big losses.
  6. Drake – Who doesn’t know about Drake’s love for the wager? The multi-award-winning rapper has been known to be an avid gambling fan, so much so that he is one of the ambassadors for the crypto gambling site Stake. He also made waves when he joined a Twitch streamer live and played Fortnite as viewers blew up the comment section. If there was a superstar who could be defined as a lover of gambling games, then Drake has to take the top spot. Among the things that make him such a well-known gambler is his high-stakes bets. The rapper is known to wager anything between $80,000 and $250,000 on a single bet. His famous loss of $1 million, which he won and lost within 2 minutes, is among the most talked about stories among casino fans. Through his gambling exploits, Drake has shown that his exploits in the rap industry are not the only thing he is good at.
  7. Charles Barkley – The former NBA star has curved quite the basketball career. Now a pundit on CBS and TNT, this living legend also likes spending time on the blackjack tables. While we may have covered stories of stars that won a windfall playing in Vegas, Barley makes the first entry as one who got into trouble for his wagers. Barkley is a frequent visitor to Las Vegas who has played there for years. In 2006, Barkley was embroiled in a legal spat with the Wynn establishment, which he frequented, over unpaid chips worth $400,000. While the legal debacle had him quit gambling for two years, the former NBA player has since rediscovered his love for blackjack.
  8. Michael Jordan – Michael Jordan cemented his legacy as one of the greatest players ever to dribble a basketball. The superstar athlete is also famous for his love for gambling. Even though he does not have as great a love for casinos as most celebrities on this list, he still enjoys a game or two at the tables. Another thing that sets him apart from the other stars on this list is the fact that he has lost more than he has won. In 2007, Michael Jordan and NFL player Adam Jones played a game of craps where Jordan lost a million dollars while Jones went home with $5 million in winnings. It goes to show that the superstars could lose in a high-stakes gambling game as well.

Charlie Sheen Drake Charles Barkley and Michael Jordan

Top 5 Celeb Hotspots in Las Vegas

Celebrities have the wealth to turn their successful gambling sessions into huge profits. And Vegas knows how to make all its visitors feel like celebrities, even those who aren’t. Vegas is the perfect city for celebrity spotting. Let’s see where do the famous people like to have fun in the city of lights:

  • Nobu at Ceasars Palace – Highly reputed hot spot and sophisticated restaurant where celebrities go for a drink or to eat.
  • Tao Night club at Venetian – A lush Asian inspired night club where all the celebrities have their celebrations and shows, often throw parties and invite more famous people.
  • Drift Spa at the Palms Casino Resort – An amazing destination where celebrities go to relax.
  • Wet Republic at MGM Grand – One of the biggest pool parties in Vegas and celebrities very often host them.
  • Aurora at the Luxor – A venue that offers a unique experience with lights inspired by the real Aurora Borealis and celebrities adore it.

Top Casino Spa and Restaurants in Las Vegas

The glitz and glamour of Las Vegas casinos can’t be matched. But what’s so special about the City of Lights is that it offers something for everyone, even those looking for privacy but still fancy spinning the reel. Here are some of the secluded casino resorts celebrities prefer:

Top Casinos for Celebrities

Celebrities understand the importance of choosing the right casino for their indulgent play evenings in the world of entertainment and gambling, where fortunes can be made or lost in the blink of an eye. These establishments are not just about gambling, but also offer an exclusive blend of luxury, excitement, and privacy that attracts the stars. Have a look at the preferred casino venues frequented by celebrities in Canada.

  1. The Mansion at MGM: It’s a huge mansion, a hidden gem, really, inside the busy MGM Grand. The mansion oozes absolute luxury and excellent service that goes beyond expectations. Splurge on yourself and enjoy the villas at The Mansion for an experience like no other.
  2. Caesars Palace: While the casino is an example of a vibrant one, the rooms are quiet and comfortable, with some of them facing the Bellagio Fountains. Among the things Caesar’s Palace is famous for are the five hotel towers that offer a multi-cultural gastronomic experience. Aside from the gourmet dining, Caesar’s Palace is known to host some of the most talked-about shows from the richest and most sought-after artists to make an appearance in Vegas.Best Casinos for Celebrities in Las Vegas
  3. Wynn Las Vegas: And not to forget the resort with the quietest lobby, but one that still boasts a lively and luxurious casino floor with slots and traditional table games. Exciting casino games are not all Wynn Las Vegas is good for. The resort is an entertainment hub that has hosted some of the most famous musicians, magicians, acrobats, and other superstar artists.
  4. Palm Casino Resort: Palm Casino Resort is one of the resorts in Las Vegas where you are likely to run into your favorite Hollywood stars. The resort is known for its luxurious suits and the glamorous casino floor it boasts. The suits come with a host of extravagant amenities, including two bowling lanes and a DJ booth. Palm Casino Resort has been a favorite of Jesica Simpson. The singer, actress, and businesswoman liked the place so much that she bought one of the suites at the resort. Eminem is another mega superstar you are likely to run into at Palm Casino Resort.
  5. Aria Resort and Spa: Aria Resort and Spa has it all. It is little wonder that it is one of the most prominent resorts in Sin City. With several restaurants, day and night bars, a spa, and palatial suits, it is all about being in the right place at the right time if you wish to catch your favorite stars here. George Clooney and Kendal Jenner are among the stars known to patronize Aria Resort and Spa. CATCH, with its top-tier steak and sushi, is among the popular celebrity restaurants on the resort. You are likely to see a famous name.

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